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Aesthetically Ideal Areola Size, How to Calculate

Hi I have noted that aesthetically ideal areola size is cited as being between 35mm and 48mm,or in terms of ratio(nipple:areola:breast) as 1:3:9.... READ MORE

I Had a Bilateral Mastectomy and my Surgeon Suggests 550cc Expander Inflation

I Had a Bilateral Mastectomy and my Surgeon Suggests 550cc Expander Inflation so that my breasts arent too far apart. I am 5'2 and feel that... READ MORE

3 months ago I had reconstructive breast surgery, not satisfied with size, position too low and right breast bothers me. (Photo)

I'm 5'2 and weight 120lbs, my implants are allergen silicone 340 cc. Do I have double bubble on right breast? Is there a way to improve the appearance... READ MORE

I Just Had a Bilaterial Mastectomy. DCIS is the Right and my Decision to Remove the Left Breast. I Am 5'8' and 185 Pounds?

I just had a bilaterial mastectomy. DCIS in the right breast and my decision was to remove the left breast also. I am 5'8" and 185 pounds.I'm 51 years... READ MORE

Were the wrong size tissue expanders put in?

I recently had a bilateral skin and nipple sparing masectomy with tissue expanders put in place. I did emphasise to my surgeon I would like to be a D... READ MORE

Will my Breast Be Smaller After Necrosis Being Removed Surgically?

I was involved in a mva last year in june. The safety belt did a lot of damage. Ilost 200ml of my breast due to 3 operations on my breast(abcess that... READ MORE

Expander size is too small, what are my options?

What can be done if the expanders placed are too small? My Dr placed 300cc expanders & overfilled to 400cc. I already had 275cc implants prior to my... READ MORE

Will my Breasts Get Bigger in Time?

Hello, I am 25 years old. I weigh 135lbs and I am 5'4''. I had a prophylactic mastectomy because of my BRCA2 positive diagnosis. I had my expanders... READ MORE

How do I get shape not size with breast implants in reconstruction following mastectomy?

With respect to implants used for reconstruction I have been told that implants just add size NOT shape so where or how do I control the shape of... READ MORE

Post Mastetomy, Are Tissue Expanders Personalized for each Individual?

For post mastectomy sizing, do the tissue expanders come in more than one size or do they just fill an pliable expander to the desired size over time?... READ MORE

Will 350cc Expander Be Small on Me Im 5.7 200 Lb

I am medium built and my doctor chose to go with 350cc low profile expanders will these be really small on me now i am a small b cup hoping to come... READ MORE

Bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction. How long before I should consider having them fixed?

3 months ago I had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction I ended up with two different shapes and sizes They are hard and Un comfortable. Can I... READ MORE

Size of Implants. Had Chemo and Bilateral Mastectomy and Radiation?

I had Chemo, a bilateral mastectomy in Feb 2012 (and radiation). After my surgery, Dr said that I could only be a B cup from a 38 C. When i was hoping... READ MORE

C cup before mastectomy. I was hoping to return to at least that size after reconstruction. (photos)

I am almost done with chemo and am looking forward to completing my reconstruction within a few months. I have 375cc Mentor expanders in that are over... READ MORE

How Common is to Have Breast Implants Size Changed After Reconstructive Surgery?

I had bilateral mastectomy and breast reconstruction with silicone implants. I am considering having surgery to change the size of the implants since... READ MORE

What size will my breasts be?

I had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction at the same time. I used to be a D and now I'm a lot larger than that. They put 555cc saline "gummy... READ MORE

I'm having double mastectomy and my reconstruction size number is 14cm. What does that mean n layman's terms?

I have breast cancer 2nd time same breast so July 1st I'm having a double Macectomy my reconstruction number is 14 cm what size is that I don't have... READ MORE

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