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Natrelle/Allergan 410 Shaped Vs. Sientra Shaped/Which Implant Is Better For Breast Reconstruction Appearance And Feel?

The Natrelle 410 seems to have a better shape but it is feels more firm than the Sientra. But the Sientra seems to fold and ripple more easily than... READ MORE

Double Mastectomy, Keloids, and Increasing Cup Size Questions?

I'm 25, and was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have the BRCA2 mutation, and am having a double mastectomy. First, will I be able to increase my cup... READ MORE

What Shape is the Pocket Created with the Expander and Does It Affect the Type of Implants?

I was wondering if you had to decide at the time of the mastectomy with immediate placement of tissue expanders what shape implant you want. Does the... READ MORE

How do I get shape not size with breast implants in reconstruction following mastectomy?

With respect to implants used for reconstruction I have been told that implants just add size NOT shape so where or how do I control the shape of... READ MORE

Bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction. How long before I should consider having them fixed?

3 months ago I had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction I ended up with two different shapes and sizes They are hard and Un comfortable. Can I... READ MORE

After multiple surgeries (22), what are there options left? (photos)

1 year ago I have a flap done and unfortunately had a blood clot 1 week later which had to be removed then and infection which caused the implant to... READ MORE

Just had double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction (about 6 weeks), my implants was placed above muscle.

Should I continue to massage my implants, I've been massaging for 4 weeks (2x per)? I noticed it has dropped considerably, worrying about bottoming... READ MORE

Breast reconstruction 3 days post op. I look flat on top and shaped odd? (Photo)

I had my expanders out and my cohesive gel high projection smooth round 800cc implants placed 3 days ago, and a lift also. I'm feeling like my breast... READ MORE

Can a 17 year old get a reconstructive breast augmentation with silicone implants?

I've read cases where certain patients were eligible for silicone implants under the age of 22 due to reconstructive purposes and I'm wondering if... READ MORE

What can I most likely expect my Breast reconstruction outcome to look like at this point? (Photos)

I am 1 month post direct 2 breast implants from tissue expanders. I understand I need time 2 heal however my "breasts" look ridiculous in my opinion.... READ MORE

What is causing this different shape in my breasts? (Photo)

Waiting for the end of my cycle to have an MRI. Have moved and can't afford to fly home and see my doctor for a few months. Had my BA in 2014. Knuckle... READ MORE

Breast Implant- Double Mastectomy. What is causing my implant to move and change shape?

2 years ago I had preventive breast mastectomy with implants done. Recently I have noticed my right breast implant is moving and changes shape. I want... READ MORE

Will the shape stay like this? Will this go away and resolve on it own? (Photo)

Diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer had bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction done in 2015. tram flap to both breast, but one of the breast clotted... READ MORE

Is this a normal appearance for 2 wk post expander to implant exchange? Not pleased. (Photo)

Bilat mastectomy for IBC in Jan. Expanders were placed and filled to 240 cc immediately. I had one fill 2 wks later which put me at 300 cc. Expander... READ MORE

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