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Seroma After Bilateral Mastectomy?

Bilateral mast.on 4/5. Expanders were placed, implants removed from previous breast aug.There was enough skin for implant on left but not enough for... READ MORE

Is this necrosis? (photos)

I had prophylactic bilateral mastectomy with immediate one step reconstruction ( strattice and silicon implants) 19 days ago. My right breast... READ MORE

Can I Massage my Breast Implants with a Seroma in It to Prevent Another Cc? (photo)

Had reconstruction surgery 9 days ago. I have a seroma in my left breast which i just had a capsulectomy on (implant was removed 3 months ago due to... READ MORE

After expander removal possible infection? Feels like my ribs are bruised, redness, edema and swelling (photo)

Double Mastectomy in February, expanders in place,within 5 days redness,swelling,low grade fevers started.Oral ABT taken Cipro Bactrim & Keflex for 2... READ MORE

I Had Breast Reconstruction Surgery I Am Retaining Fluids, Should I Move More or Less?

I have developed a seroma in my chest after getting the expanders in place, should i move more or less? READ MORE

Can Seroma and capsular contracture be corrected with breast revision or reconstruction if implant is removed?

About 6 weeks after my tissue expander exchange with gel implants I developed a second mound beneath my breast. The mound developed a small round... READ MORE

How should seroma or lymphedema treated?

7/30/15 bilateral mastectomy for DCIS. No reconstruction or implants; no adjuvant therapy needed. Tender puffiness in middle of chest, closer to... READ MORE

I have a "complex" abdominal seroma 7 weeks after a free flap done as reconstruction for bilateral mastectomy?

I had a bilateral mastectomy and a free flap reconstruction.The last abdominal drainage tube was removed after 5 weeks;it was still putting out 200ml... READ MORE

I'm having delayed breast reconstruction. One Doc uses drains afterwards and the other does not. Which method is best?

I would think having drains placed after surgery would help prevent a seroma? Am I wrong? Does it matter if you have drains placed after surgery or... READ MORE

What type of doctor should I see for a chronic seroma? (12 cm x 12 cm x 4 cm).

8 years ago I had a bilateral TRAM post breast cancer (chemo, radiation & hormone therapy). Immediately a large seroma formed (right auxilla to left... READ MORE

What's best treatment for a 20 to 26 month old tummy seroma following pedicle tram breast reconstuction 20 mth ago?

A fluid cavity was found by CT scan 12 mths later due to chemotherapy it was drained 18 months post op when it was an old blood haematoma. Two month... READ MORE

How do you treat a 3.5 month old seroma with expander in place?

Expander put in during double mast. Drains removed 2 weeks post op. Left side healed but seroma formed in right side. Drains back in 2 wks later but... READ MORE

Are flaps under my arms normal after Lat Reconstruction?

I had a double mast with immediate lat pull reconstruction last September. I have what looks like fat flaps under my arms. I still have a large seroma... READ MORE

In July 2015, I had my right breast rem and drainage tubes were in for 7 days. 3 weeks he had to remove fluid (seroma).

Next 5 months, I going in every month to have it drained. On Dec. 30, 2015, he took me into surgery and removed 2 seroma's and put in a drainage tube.... READ MORE

Danger from seroma, ecchymosis. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had 40 ml of blood tinge fluid removed 10 days after surgery to remove wrinkles in left upper corner on right breast tram, 33 more removed 5 days... READ MORE

Should testing be done before implant removal?

I had breast reconstruction after bilateral mastectomy. About 1 month after implants were placed, left was removed due to infection. PS wants to... READ MORE

Can seroma cause abdominal bulge and tightness. How much fluid is in a seroma that is 110 mm by 67 mm

It's now been 18 months, I've seen 3 doctors who assumed it was a weakened fascia. Finally, a doctor order a CT scan. The results show a "disc like... READ MORE

i recently had a seroma removed, now have build up of bllod, am on anti biotics, the area is dicoloured and hot to touch.

How can this be resolved as this has been going on for a year now, as i had a reconstruction that didnt work and thus ended up with a build up of... READ MORE

I have continued nerve pain in my left chest. It's so tight and I continue to be in pain every day - 19 months after

Surgery for left breast nerve pain. I'min pain every day and no doctor can help me. I had a radio frequency ablation and it helped but continue to be... READ MORE

What's the best way to get under the unclosed flap from the implant removal today? (Post mastectomy) Any tips or suggestions?

My plastic surgeon removed my implant while I laid on my hospital bed today. He packed it with bentadine gauze and wants me to remove packed gauze and... READ MORE

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