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Tissue Necrosis After Breast Reconstruction. I Would Rather Be Flat Than Look Like This? (photo)

I had skin sparing bilat mast, breast recon with TEs. 1 week later had reaction to surgical tape. PS said remove tape. I did so and discovered tissue... READ MORE

Incisions for Tissue Expander Surgery? (photo)

I just had tissue expander surgery with an older Dr. He extended my mastectomy scars with the incision saying it was to prevent pectoral muscle damage... READ MORE

26 Year Old Wants Natural Looking Breasts After Mastectomy?

What are the best breast reconstruction methods, for a natural look and reduced visibility of scar tissue? The final appearance of the reconstruction... READ MORE

Implant Surrounded By Adhesions And Scarring, And Want It Removed Safely. What's The Best Way?

I had a radical double mastectomy in 1974. I've had 11 surgeries on left side due to adhesions, rupture, scarring. I'm 68. I have small saline... READ MORE

Please Help! What surgical strategies will get rid of these Mastectomy Scars? (photos)

My TEs are fully expanded to 500ml and I will have my switchover surgery to silicone round implants in a couple of months. Is there anything my PS can... READ MORE

Mastectomy Scars Changed After Tissue Expander Surgery?

Two weeks ago I had tissue expander surgery 2 years after a bilateral mastectomy. My original scars had faded nicely but now they are red and a bit... READ MORE

Red Bumpy Scars?

My second time around for implants. Lost them to infection last year and had to start over. This time my scars are almost round and thick, they feel... READ MORE

25 year old having bilateral nipple sparing mastectomy. B cup at present. Wish to be C cup after surgery.

I want to know if you could be able to tell I have had this surgery done just by looking at my breasts? I want to know what my breasts will look and... READ MORE

Post Surgical Care to Minimize Scaring After Breast Reconstruction?

What restrictions, activities or therapies are helpful during healing from a breast reconstruction? READ MORE

9 Surgeries. Thin skin. Pectoral muscle removed due reaction to Alloderm. Bilateral lat flap with expanders on 9/19/13? (photo)

I had NO chest left. Before surgery, looked like someone had scooped out chest with scoop. 1 week post op, rt side drained and oozed black. Very heavy... READ MORE

Have Shrinkage, Radiated Reconstructed Side, Also Hardening/scarring/ 7 Wks Post Op, How Long Wait Period?

Radiation was 9 months ago, thought safe /since more cancer was found to have masectomy/reconstruction at same time. Radiated side is not working out,... READ MORE

Unhappy with breast reconstruction after mastectomy. Any one satisfied with their breast reconstruction? (Photo)

Anyone out there with similar problems like me? I had a mastectomy in my teens. Then subsequent reconstruction. I have not been happy since the... READ MORE

Seeking nipple reconstruction options (Photo)

I had a nipple sparing mastectomy one year ago but lost one nipple due to necrosis. I have some areola now but no protrusion. I tried 3d tattoo but it... READ MORE

How can I improve the color of my scars after my breast reconstruction? (Photo)

I had BMX on 1/14/14 with tissue expander, implant exchange on 6/22/14, switched from gummies to silicone implants on 6/18/15. My nipple recon is... READ MORE

Medicaid Coverage for Breast Indentation?

I was a premature baby,i had a 50/50 chance of surviving,my lungs collapsed,at the time,surgeons cut open my right breast to stick tubes,so i can... READ MORE

Do You Inform a Patient for the Chance of Scars?

Should a Surgeon inform a patient written or verbally if there is a chance for scars after the surgery? I went to a Dr. for a needle biopsy and I... READ MORE

Reconstruction after dbl mastectomy, left with surface scarring that is shriveled, hard, painful & ugly. What to do? (Photo)

Had dbl mastectomy 3 yrs ago--no follow-up rads or chemo needed. Had reconstruction w/ inserts 1 yr later. Healed w/ exception of left breast, front... READ MORE

Is a diep flap best for me ? (photos)

I'm 36 and lost my right breast and nipple due to necrosis (the surgeon took me to an A cup rather than a D which I asked for ) I am having a third... READ MORE

I have had radiation on my right breast 20 years ago now. The exterior of my breast looks exactly like the unradiated breast.

My question is are my risk of complications, if I choose reconstructive expanders followed by implants, still high for scarring and not ending with... READ MORE

Fixing extremely asymmetrical breasts (B cup and DDD cup) with a breast reduction?

Hello, I have extremely asymmetrical breasts. My left side is a perky but very small B cup and my right is a saggy DDD. When I was 18 (I'm 21 now) I... READ MORE

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