Scar Tissue + Breast Reconstruction

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How Are Breast Reconstructed with Scald Burns ? (photo)

When I was about a year old my right I suffered a scald burn on my right side of my breast and underarm leaving a thick scar. I am 23 now and was... READ MORE

Is It Best to Have Reconstruction Right After a Mastectomy or Delay It a While?

Paitent in their second battle with breast cancer and didn't have a full mastectomy the first time and have been left with a significant amout of scar... READ MORE

I Was Considering a Breast Reduction/lift. I Heard of a Mesh Lift Where They Create Scar Tissue to Support the Breast?

I remember reading about this mesh lift many years ago but haven't really heard much about it since. I was just wondering if there is any new... READ MORE

Scarring Tissue Grown by Expanders Can Reduce or Make Less Visible? How? Asymmetrical Breasts After Reconstruction (photo)

I am patient with latissimus dorsi reconstruction, but expand when breast tissue, scars got bigger, there way to make them smaller with surgery?, or... READ MORE

How do I find a plastic surgeon that does pro bono work?

Last year i was diagnosed with breast cancer. I did not want to lose my breast so i had a lumpectomy. once inside my surgeon had to take out more than... READ MORE

Can Scar Tissue Post Mastectomy Actually Attach Itself to my Lung?

I'm 13 years post-mastectomy with silicone implants. It hurts through the chest and around to the back. The pain can be so severe at times I can't... READ MORE

Can the Implant Get Larger with Message to Release Scar Tissue Will the Boxy Look Go Away and if So, How Long to Accomplish?

I was given 800 cc gel implants after a bi-lateral mastecomy. I was a 40C cup before and now I can't even fill in a 40 B cup. I am 46 yrs old at... READ MORE

What Could Be Causing my Severe Abdominal Pains? I've Had Inconclusive CT Scans, Ultrasounds, and Blood Work...

I had breast cancer and had a double mastectomy with DIEP Flap transplant surgery in April. Essentially, they gave me a tummy tuck after taking fat... READ MORE

I am not satisfied with the size or looks of my new breast. What can I do?Thank you. (photos)

I am 51, 5'4", 224 lbs. Bra size before... I was 38C and some 39D. I have gummy bear implants the largest they make. The right is too low. It... READ MORE

Implants After Breast Reconstruction? (photo)

Two years ago I had breast reconstruction surgery on one side and a cosmetic lift on both. Is it possible to have implants put in after all this time?... READ MORE

What would be my best option after a failed DIEP Flap? (photos)

I had Prophylactic DMX w/ Diep Flap Recon. 8/15. On day 6 post-op I noticed the flap on rt. side was purple. PS watched it for 4 weeks, then cleaned... READ MORE

Can Ruptured Silicone Implants Cause Gas to Develop in the Chest Area?

I received radiation treatment following breast cancer, which resulted in scar tissue being formed. I had a masectomy after a reocurrence in the same... READ MORE

What can I do to make my scar revision success? (photos)

After having issues with healing from a scar revision, we are trying again using kenalog at time of excision. Scars have been painful and red. The... READ MORE

I had a bilateral mastectomy 7 years ago. No reconstruction, chemo or radiation. Can I be suffering from scar tissue now?

I had to have a Bi lateral mastectomy 7 years ago. No reconstruction, chemo or radiation. I was very blessed, well, anyway, my question is....can I be... READ MORE

Scar tissue on tram (Photo)

After my first surgery Oct 21,2015 a muscle sparing tram flap I had some wrinkling in my cleavage. Since then the doctor has pulled that tight but now... READ MORE

Do I have scar tissue after reconstruction?

My back at ribcage is getting very tight and uncomfortable. In the past few months. It's nearly 3 years from operation and radiotherapy. Could it be... READ MORE

Wife is wanting implants along with a lift. Is that possible after cancer treatment?

Wife had lumpectomy on right side and scar tissue removed in the same place a second time. She had chemo and radiation. She's about 2 years post op... READ MORE

I would like to know if having a distended stomach with scar tissue can be fixed?

I had the tram flap surgery 4 years ago due to breast cancer. It was muscle sparing so my stomach should look like a normal stomach. I don't know what... READ MORE

Scar tissue and pain. Is it time to replace the implant?

Have had a silicone breast implant in my right breast secondary to DCIS. I've had it 14 years and have several areas of scar tissue between the... READ MORE

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