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How Are Breast Reconstructed with Scald Burns ? (photo)

When I was about a year old my right I suffered a scald burn on my right side of my breast and underarm leaving a thick scar. I am 23 now and was... READ MORE

Is It Best to Have Reconstruction Right After a Mastectomy or Delay It a While?

Paitent in their second battle with breast cancer and didn't have a full mastectomy the first time and have been left with a significant amout of scar... READ MORE

I Was Considering a Breast Reduction/lift. I Heard of a Mesh Lift Where They Create Scar Tissue to Support the Breast?

I remember reading about this mesh lift many years ago but haven't really heard much about it since. I was just wondering if there is any new... READ MORE

Scarring Tissue Grown by Expanders Can Reduce or Make Less Visible? How? Asymmetrical Breasts After Reconstruction (photo)

I am patient with latissimus dorsi reconstruction, but expand when breast tissue, scars got bigger, there way to make them smaller with surgery?, or... READ MORE

How do I find a plastic surgeon that does pro bono work?

Last year i was diagnosed with breast cancer. I did not want to lose my breast so i had a lumpectomy. once inside my surgeon had to take out more than... READ MORE

I am not satisfied with the size or looks of my new breast. What can I do?Thank you. (photos)

I am 51, 5'4", 224 lbs. Bra size before... I was 38C and some 39D. I have gummy bear implants the largest they make. The right is too low. It... READ MORE

Can the Implant Get Larger with Message to Release Scar Tissue Will the Boxy Look Go Away and if So, How Long to Accomplish?

I was given 800 cc gel implants after a bi-lateral mastecomy. I was a 40C cup before and now I can't even fill in a 40 B cup. I am 46 yrs old at... READ MORE

Can Scar Tissue Post Mastectomy Actually Attach Itself to my Lung?

I'm 13 years post-mastectomy with silicone implants. It hurts through the chest and around to the back. The pain can be so severe at times I can't... READ MORE

What Could Be Causing my Severe Abdominal Pains? I've Had Inconclusive CT Scans, Ultrasounds, and Blood Work...

I had breast cancer and had a double mastectomy with DIEP Flap transplant surgery in April. Essentially, they gave me a tummy tuck after taking fat... READ MORE

Implants After Breast Reconstruction? (photo)

Two years ago I had breast reconstruction surgery on one side and a cosmetic lift on both. Is it possible to have implants put in after all this time?... READ MORE

What would be my best option after a failed DIEP Flap? (photos)

I had Prophylactic DMX w/ Diep Flap Recon. 8/15. On day 6 post-op I noticed the flap on rt. side was purple. PS watched it for 4 weeks, then cleaned... READ MORE

I had a bilateral mastectomy 7 years ago. No reconstruction, chemo or radiation. Can I be suffering from scar tissue now?

I had to have a Bi lateral mastectomy 7 years ago. No reconstruction, chemo or radiation. I was very blessed, well, anyway, my question is....can I be... READ MORE

Scar tissue on tram (Photo)

After my first surgery Oct 21,2015 a muscle sparing tram flap I had some wrinkling in my cleavage. Since then the doctor has pulled that tight but now... READ MORE

Can Ruptured Silicone Implants Cause Gas to Develop in the Chest Area?

I received radiation treatment following breast cancer, which resulted in scar tissue being formed. I had a masectomy after a reocurrence in the same... READ MORE

What can I do to make my scar revision success? (photos)

After having issues with healing from a scar revision, we are trying again using kenalog at time of excision. Scars have been painful and red. The... READ MORE

New pain one year after diep flat reconstruction (two years post mastectomy and radiation).

For the past 6-8 weeks I've been experiencing increasing pain under/next to reconstructed breast. It is radiating around my shoulder area and can be... READ MORE

Do I have scar tissue after reconstruction?

My back at ribcage is getting very tight and uncomfortable. In the past few months. It's nearly 3 years from operation and radiotherapy. Could it be... READ MORE

I would like to know if having a distended stomach with scar tissue can be fixed?

I had the tram flap surgery 4 years ago due to breast cancer. It was muscle sparing so my stomach should look like a normal stomach. I don't know what... READ MORE

3 years post op from double mastectomy with reconstruction and feel a very small pea like lump near underarm. Scar tissue?

I had a mastectomy with reconstruction 3 years ago, I have recently found a very small pea sized lump on the breast where I had Cancer (close to... READ MORE

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