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Fat Transfer to Even out Breasts After Lumpectomy?

I am a 40-year-old woman with a lean athletic build. I went through a lumpectomy in 2005 due to a tiny, grade 3 cancer found. I had chemo and radio... READ MORE

Painful Scar Adhesions After Prophylactic Mastectomy

I was told at time of surgery that I would have a thin scar and no worries I have painful strictures I am thinking of getting single stage implants... READ MORE

Areola Reduction and Nipple Repositioning Possible?

I had a lumpectomy and removal of 3 lymph nodes and radiation on the left side that left me with pulled-in, nasty scars, and a nipple that faces to... READ MORE

Will a Scar Stretch to Form to the Breast or Stay the Same?

Thank you for your answers to my original question, and yes I know no 2 people's anatomy is alike. My body frame will take up to a 600cc and my dr... READ MORE

8 years ago I had a DIEP flap beast reconstruction. In the last year or so I have had itching deep under the scar line.

Is this likely to be an infection? I have non dissolvable stitches, which on my sides I can see close to the surface of the skin. I also have internal... READ MORE

Scars After Surgery. What Can I Do to Make Them Lighter?

I have red wide scars under my armpits going to my back. is there anything i can use to make these scars lighter? I hate they way they look. READ MORE

Help - Do my Scars Look Bad?

I had a breast lift 4 weeks ago with implant, my scar has holes and slimy liquid is coming out. what should I do to make it better? READ MORE

I had a fat transfer on April 19th for breast reconstruction. I look worse than before. Is this normal after 4 months? (Photo)

I am a 54-year-old personal trainer who had a smooth belly before having liposuction done in the area. I was asked to gain 3-10 pounds to have enough... READ MORE

Can elliptical excisions shorten these Mastectomy Scars? (photos)

Similar to slowly filling TEs, can my scars be slowly shortened while in the TE phase? Utilizing 10-15mm wide vertical elliptical excisions at a time,... READ MORE

Dermablend or other concealer/make-up to cover scar?

After delayed unilateral breast reconstruction with contralateral breast augmentation (implants on both sides), when it is safe to use Dermablend or... READ MORE

56 years and had breast cancer implants, but due to radiation it is hard and has a dimple. Can it be made to look better?(Photo)

What i would like to know can the dimpled scar made look more better because when i bend you see a hole in the breast or should i have a new implant? READ MORE

Can scars be excised with breast reduction techniques like an anchor or wise and nipple redone? (Photo)

Original implant after tissue expander 340cc style 40, exchanged for 240cc style 10, exchanged for 260cc style 20, exchanged for 270cc style 10 with... READ MORE

What should I do after my skin split along one of my many scar lines during enhancer reconstruction? (Photo)

Diagnosed with DCIS. 2 lumpectomies and a mastectomy, I began enhancer reconstruction end of July - Filled to 330cc by 10/15. Skin stretched very,... READ MORE

What are your thoughts on Vitamin E oil and or coconut oil to help with skin and scars after a Tram flap procedure?

How well will coconut oil and or vitamin E oil work on scars and skin after a TRAM flap? I have many scars after several procedures. I know there are... READ MORE

Can corrective surgery be done to scar before final implants put in so we can continue to fill?

Delayed bilateral lat flap reconstruction 9/13. 300 cc fill, and Dr. now mentions "overfill" with permanent implants. Confused!  Rt. side had a... READ MORE

After having to deal with only one doc because I'm a Veteran, will I get a good result with the fat transfer method?

After being force to deal with only one doctor due to the fact I am a Veteran Will I be able to get a good result with the fat transfer method? At... READ MORE

I had a skin-sparing mastectomy and the surgeon cut an about double the size of my areola. Can the nipple patch size be reduced?

I had a single mast/DIEP reconstruction. My plastic surgeon did an excellent job on the reconstruction (the mastectomy surgeon cut the hole). My... READ MORE

Will the scar stretch or relax so that my abdomen above and below the incision line is flat?

I had a delayed diep flap procedure for left breast reconstructive surgery 2 months ago. The abdominal scar is about a half inch above my pubic hair... READ MORE

My scar from 1 week post op mastectomy has me alarmed? (Photos)

I read all the books went to so many internet sites to educate myself. I thought I had asked all the right questions, but when I looked at pictures I... READ MORE

Breast reconstruction? Help (Photo)

Breat reconstruction I had surgery in Tijuana in March of last year to correct the severe asymentry with my breast my left had always been much larger... READ MORE

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