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Will a Breast Lift and Augmentation Require Two Seperate Procedures? (photo)

I have (in my opinion) severe sagging breasts. My breast have been like this since puberty. I haven't had any children but I have loss a significant... READ MORE

Do I Need Spacers if I Don't Have Cancer or Will Not Receive Radiation?

I have a strong family gene of breast cancer. Im probably going to have a double mastectomy before I get the cancer. I would like to have everything... READ MORE

Can a skin/nipple sparing masectomy and immediate reconstruction be done along with a tummy tuck?

Can a skin/nipple sparing masectomy and immediate reconstruction be done along with a tummy tuck? Or is this too much to do at once? I have been... READ MORE

Share concerns for stomach fat removal at same time as breast implants.

I had right breast mastectomy and implant 5 yrs ago. As of 2014, I had left breast mastectomy and just finished inflation. I have scheduled surgery (6... READ MORE

Breast reconstruction after double mastectomy (skin and nipple saved)? (photos)

Hi, I am a cancer patient and I am having double mastectomy (skin and nipple is saved) and breast reconstruction same time, I want to achieve a 34dd... READ MORE

What advice could you give me on this matter? Is it okay to do these at the same time?

I have asked my General Surgeon, OBGYN and Plastic Surgeon if I could do all surgery at one time and they all said yes. I am scheduling to have.... READ MORE

Can a plastic surgeon remove a lump in my breast and put implants in at the same time? (photo)

Or do I have to go to a general surgeon for my lumpectomy and then get implants later? The lump is pulling my nipple inside of my breast. It looks... READ MORE

Extra skin after mastectomy and reconstruction. Any suggestions?

I had a double mastectomy with reconstruction at the same time. I didn't need expanders thank goodness. I went with the same size breast I initially... READ MORE

I have a 6.0 X 6.3 mm. ductal carcinoma in my right breast at 10 o'clock. Any suggestions?

My questions is since this is a small tumor and i will also be having radiation. Could I have the tumor removed and reconstruction and lift at same... READ MORE

Can fat grafting of breast with implant (post mastectomy) and lift of natural breast be done in the same procedure?

My question is can the fat grafting on the left and the lift of the natural breast be done in the same procedure. My plastic surgeon prefers to do two... READ MORE

Is a double mastectomy and tummy tuck done together with reconstructive surgery using the excess stomach fat possible?

As I was adopted I have limited medical history. I have had several breast cancer scares over the years and after my adoptive mum whom died through... READ MORE

No reconstruction after bilateral mastectomy at the same time as a traditional tummy tuck (not DIEP reconstruction)?

DIEP means high scar, abdominal separation not fixed, umbilical hernia-maybe, no contouring, no guarantee he would have enough tissue for... READ MORE

Fat grafting at the same time as implant placement?

I had a lumpectomy with radiation treatment which left me with a deep scar around my areola and a large divot in my breast. I'm hoping to fill out the... READ MORE

Can you get a mastectomy and brachioplasty done at the same time?

I am getting a prophylactic double mastectomy with reconstruction due to high risk and recent breast changes. Is it possible for me to get a... READ MORE

Breast reconstruction during lumpectomy operation?

Can breast reconstruction done during the same operation in which patient is going under lumpectomy. Or both things should be done separately? READ MORE

Would it be ok to have fat grafting done immediately after removing the expanders? All in the same procedure (Photo)

I'm a good candidate for the BRAVA procedure and that will be the route I take. My left side is pretty damaged from radiation I doubt it would even... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a nipple-sparing mastectomy with reconstruction at the same time as a BBL?

I am a healthy 24 year old woman, however, I tested positive for a BRCA 1 mutation. According to my physician, this puts me at a 70% chance of... READ MORE

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