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Is it safe to leave a deflated tissue expander in your breast until reconstruction?

Last October 2013, I was diagnosed with right breast stage 3c breast cancer. My treatment plan was surgery w/ a double mastectomy, chemo, and then... READ MORE

Are MRI's Safe Following Breast Reconstruction with Areola Tattoo That Contain Iron Based Inks?

I have Natrelle 410 implants in both breasts(real and reconstructed). I was told to have any needed MRI's prior to the areola tattoo procedure because... READ MORE

Is HRT safe after bilateral mastectomy for estrogen and progesterone receptor positive DCIS?

I just recently had bilateral mastectomy with DIEP flap reconstruction. I had DCIS in both and had to stop HRT at time of diagnosis. I went on HRT 6... READ MORE

Is it safe to have Radiotherapy 3-4 weeks after a Mastectomy with immediate Implants & Strattice Mesh?

I had my mastectomy with immediate silicone implants & strattice mesh exactly 2wks ago today. I have been told I need 3 wks of radiotherapy. Planning... READ MORE

Leaving tissue expanders in after double mastectomy. Is this normal?

Hi, my plastic surgeon (in Australia) said it's now safe to leave tissue expanders in instead of having the second operation to replace them with... READ MORE

Is it safe to have my current breast implants replaced 15 months after lumpectomy and radiation?

I've had breast implants for several years, and following weight loss, a lumpectomy and radiation, I would like to have my implants replaced with... READ MORE

Will fat transfer help with rippling in reconstructed breasts? Safer in U.S. Vs overseas?

Double mastectomy due to grandulomatus mastitis. Reconstruction after 9 months strait to implant. 2 mo post op, my skin is so thin I can see and feel... READ MORE

Good candidate for fat transfer step in reconstruction process? (Photo)

Currently living overseas, would like to find someone in US for fat transfer phase. I had a bilateral mastectomy due to incurable grandulomatous... READ MORE

How long after lumpectomy and radiation will I need to wait before I can have fat transfer to the defect?

I have a small 8 mm invasive ductal carsonoma ER+ PR+ HER2-. It will be removed soon. I have very small breasts and believe surgery will result in a... READ MORE

Why would my plastic surgeon want to exchange expanders out during chemo and I have no complications?

I have 6 more chemo and 6weeks radiation. It just does not seem safe with that type of decisions. Should he not wait until 3-4 months after all this... READ MORE

Hematoma after prophylactic bilateral double mastectomy. Is it safe to massage the area?

Hi. I had a mastectomy about 2 1/2 weeks ago and the mesh in my left breast broke from the sutures from my armpit and caused a hematoma on the top of... READ MORE

Can I have plastic surgery on a radiated breast?

5 years ago I had a left breast mastectomy and had reconstruction at the same time. I selected to have a tram flap. I had chemo and radiation after.... READ MORE

Tissue expander scar opening after almost 4 months

DCIS, dbl NS mastectomies 8/28/15 & alloderm and silicone gel implant reconstruction above muscle. Scar revision 10/8 and 11/13. Infection... READ MORE

Is it safe to have breast reconstruction just 2 months after radiation or should I wait a year for tissue healing?

I am really nervous about having to have more than one surgery. I really want to make the best decision about surgery. My PS is wanting to complete my... READ MORE

Should an expander be left in permanently, and if so, what are the dangers?

I've had an expander in for over 5 months, due to fluid. Doctor is suggesting that the expander be left in permanently. Is it safe to leave an... READ MORE

Is it safe and worth having a Becker saline expander removed when capsular contracture develops?

A breast cancer patient, I had a left breast mastectomy and implant placed back in 2005. This now feels like a hard ball. Can it be roved easily under... READ MORE

When is it safe to take alcohol after breast mastectomy and reconstruction?

When is it safe to take alcohol after breast mastectomy and reconot ructions READ MORE

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