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Risks of Breast Reconstruction with Implants After Radiation Therapy?

I have recently had a bilateral mastecomy due to breast cancer in my left breast. I am currently undergoing chemotherapy and will be having radiation... READ MORE

Allergan Style 410 or Mentor CPG Versus Free Flap Reconstruction?

I had bilateral breast reconstruction w/ saline implants almost 17 years ago. The implants lasted 13 and 15 years, and deflated due to capsular... READ MORE

Sjogren's and Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

My 57 year old friend has a mild case of Sjogren's. She also had a Mastectomy. She would like to have Breast Reconstruction. One doctor turned her... READ MORE

Exercise and Saunas After Breast Tissue Expansion?

Any risks in doing a spinning class or yoga 39 days after breast tissue expander surgery? I had delayed reconstruction. Is cardiovascular exercise ok?... READ MORE

Is There an Increased Risk of Pneumonia W/silicone Implants W/reconstructive Breast Surger

Is there an increased risk or association of respiratory infections & or pneumonia, 4+ years after having silicone implants for reconstructive... READ MORE

Nipple Relocation Surgery & tattoo after successful Nipple Sparing Unilateral Mastectomy Reconstruction?

I had a Nipple Sparing Uni Mastectomy with expander placement in May 2013. In Oct 2013 I had recon with implants on my mastectomy side and an... READ MORE

Breast Implants After Breast Cancer

I am 20yrs female before one year my left breast have removed because of cancer and in the same time i did reconstruction, my left breast is smaller... READ MORE

Does Breast Reconstruction Affect Recurrence of Cancer?

Does having Breast reconstruction after cancer surgery have any effect on whether cancer will return? I had a partial Mastectomy and I also worry that... READ MORE

Prophylactic mastectomy with immediate reconstruction - Am I increasing the risk of skin not lasting the surgery

I am 33 y.o., 5'6", ribcage 31inch, breast width 13cm. I have a prophylactic mastectomy planned with immediate reconstruction - mentor cpg 322 330cc... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Go Scuba Diving with Tissue Expanders In?

Is It Okay to Go Scuba Diving with Tissue Expanders In? READ MORE

What Are the Risks/side Effects from Hip Flap Surgery, Post-mastectomy?

I just got a preventative double mastectomy with immediate expanders. It went ok, but my previously radiated side is not expanding well, and I am... READ MORE

Had a lumpectomy (grade 1 infiltrating tubular tumor (9mm) I don't want tamoxifen and radiation. How risky is my decision?

I have a very healthy lifestyle, breastfed all three children (was still breastfeeding when diagnosed with third one) no history of breast cancer in... READ MORE

Post mastectomy/radiation, I want a small breast mound(A cup).What are the risks for expander,implants,fat transfer,DIEP flap?

I had an implant removed since it never fully closed after mastectomy. I have recd responses that expander/implant has high probability of infection... READ MORE

How common is it for an MRI to be done on someone with a metal expander in place?

I have stage 3 breast cancer and I have a metal expander inside of me. I was scheduled for an MRI and when I got to the doctors he informed me that he... READ MORE

Is There Any Data on How Long a Breast Reconstruction with BRAVA System Lasts?

If I have a reconstruction with the BRAVA bra and fat transfer, how long will the results last? Over time, is there a likelihood of fat necrosis or... READ MORE

After finishing breast reconstruction with silicone implants. Do we have any limitations? Can we exercise and do everything ?

After finishing breast reconstruction with silicone implants,Do we have any limitations? Can we exercise and do everything we wish? Are there any... READ MORE

Use of Electrocautery with Metal Port/injection Domes?

I have Mentor tissue expanders with a silicone elastomer injection dome that my ps finds with a magnet detector device of some kind; I now have to... READ MORE

Can I remove my breast tissue and replace it with implants because I'm a very high risk for breast cancer?

My remove breast tissue and put implants because I'm high risk for breast cancer? READ MORE

Being a Renal Transplant Patient, Could I Be a Candidate for a Pedicled Tram Flap?

Being a Renal Transplant Patient, Could I Be a Candidate for a Pedicled Tram Flap? READ MORE

How high is the risk of infection/necrosis/other issues if I started smoking again before expanders to implant exchange? (Photo)

Did not have any issues with expanders, and waiting for exchange to implants. BUT i started smoking again 3 months after mastectomy/ expanders placed... READ MORE

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