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I Had a Lumpectomy Five Weeks Ago and Just Noticed a Nipple Inversion on That Side. What Has Caused This?

Diagnosed with invasive mucinous ductal cancer and had surgery five weeks ago. Yesterday , I noticed a nipple inversion on that same side. My breast... READ MORE

My Breasts Are Flat Post Reconstruction/Revison

I had bilateral mastectomies with immediate bilateral reconstruction with implants and free nipple grafts 1 week ago. I had 600 cc saline implants... READ MORE

C cup before mastectomy. I was hoping to return to at least that size after reconstruction. (photos)

I am almost done with chemo and am looking forward to completing my reconstruction within a few months. I have 375cc Mentor expanders in that are over... READ MORE

I had double mastectomy with immediate DIEP flap procedure on May 20, 2016. (Photo)

I have great results except for the left still feels like a foam pillow (leaving indentions after wearing a bra all day or laying on it a certain way)... READ MORE

Can mastectomy patients get a nice result with round implants or would "anatomical" teardrop shape be better? (Photo)

I had a mastectomy and was advised by my surgeon to go with silicon teardrop implants, but they feel heavy and rigid to me. When I felt the smooth,... READ MORE

Saggy skin with tissue expanders after nipple-sparing mastectomy? (Photo)

Two weeks ago I had a bilateral nipple sparing mastectomy with reconstruction with tissue expanders. They removed 372g from left and 402g from right.... READ MORE

Am I experiencing malpractice in my breast reconstruction? Will my current situation ruin my final result?

My doc has never written anything down during my appointments. I have told the doc repeatedly I want to be the size I was (B cup); I have been... READ MORE

Why does it look like I don't have Mentor Memory Gels 800cc in? Do I need a revision? (photos)

Propholactic Reconst BRCA 2 + 47 years old. My expanders were in for about 5 years, one set due to being put on meds for health issues -then one... READ MORE

What will my result be like after Mastectomy with immediate implant reconstruction at 350 cc? (photos)

Hi I'm BRCA1 and have got my bilateral (preventative) mastectomy with immediate implant date through. I'm wandering how I can expect my result to look... READ MORE

42,DMX.No radiation. Will I have a worse result because I'm having a delayed breast reconstruction?

42,DMX(modified radical mastectomies) due to bilateral BC at the same time.No radiation.Doctors wanted no complications in BC treatments.Tthey said NO... READ MORE

Case study! breast reconstruction. (Photos)

Hi I have posted my case before and had some good feedback . Now that I have removed my breast implants I would like some advise from top doctor that... READ MORE

Fixing extremely asymmetrical breasts (B cup and DDD cup) with a breast reduction?

Hello, I have extremely asymmetrical breasts. My left side is a perky but very small B cup and my right is a saggy DDD. When I was 18 (I'm 21 now) I... READ MORE

Will my chest indentation get worse over time? 10 weeks post bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. (Photos)

I have slicone implants under the muscle. About 6 weeks out, my right breast dropped causing me to have a deep indentation at the top. When I flex, I... READ MORE

Marijuana smoker and impending surgery?

I have a medical marijuana prescription and smoke every day. I have heard smoking cigarettes can greatly impede results for reconstructive breast... READ MORE

Is it possible for a better result after breast cancer? I've had a total of 5 lumpectomies. (photo)

I am 6 years out from treatment for Stage 3 Triple Negative left breast cancer. In Jan, I had to have 3 right breast lumpectomies. The results were... READ MORE

Is nipple reconstruction possible after radiation?

I finished radiation in mid-December 2016 and had successful exchange surgery with fat grafting in mid-May. I couldn't be happier with my results! READ MORE

Which procedure should I do first?

I am 10 weeks post op from a BL. I am more than unhappy with my results. In addition to developing full nipple necrosis bilaterally, my breasts are... READ MORE

Missing nipple pigmentation after anchor lift and augmentation? (Photos)

Hi, 1 year ago I had an anchor uplift and implants which I was totally unhappy with the surgeons results shown in photograph. He corrected this by... READ MORE

Bruising on non-operative sides after "fat transfer" lipo?

This past Monday I had a surgery for breast reconstruction where One part was liposuction from different parts of my abdomen to left breast to correct... READ MORE

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