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What is a Typical Timeframe To Keep in Tissue Expanders After Final Fill?

How long should tissue expander stay after final fill? I had my last fill on Feb 15 and now 370cc,I feel that my PS is in a hurry for the... READ MORE

Will I Need a Breast Augmentation Again 10 Years Later?

My doctor is recommending implants on my right breast after my mastectomy. I asked him if in 10-12 yrs (i would be 70-72) I would need another surgery? READ MORE

After Radiation - How Long to Wait Before Replacing Expanders w/ Implants?

Is there a preferred waiting time after radiation, to replace expanders with the implants? READ MORE

What Would Cause a Blister on my Skin Right from Surgery?

I had double mastectomies over 20yrs ago and reconstruction. Per cancer cells. My implants ruptured. I went in surgery to have old out and new mem put... READ MORE

Is an MRI Covered by Insurance for Future Checks on Silicone Implants That I Have Due to Breast Cancer Reconstruction?

I was diagnosed with cancer my right breast, and had a double mastectomy with immediate expander placement. I just had replacement surgery, with... READ MORE

Can an Expander Flip on Its Own and if So How?

I recently had to have my expander replaced. My 1st surgeon who put the expander in relocated and I had to find another doctor to complete my breast... READ MORE

How do I know when to replace/exchange my implant after reconstruction?

I had reconstruction one right side with the silicone implant placed in early 2003. For past 6 months I have experienced tightness that feels like... READ MORE

Can Seroma and capsular contracture be corrected with breast revision or reconstruction if implant is removed?

About 6 weeks after my tissue expander exchange with gel implants I developed a second mound beneath my breast. The mound developed a small round... READ MORE

Breast Cut for Reconstruction?

I am having my expanders replaced with silicone implants. My current incisions are from my nipples toward my armpits. Is there a downside to making... READ MORE

Will my allergan 410s soften in my reconstructed breasts? (photo)

Last week I swapped my 600 round silicone implants for the new allergan 410s. I switched for a number of reasons. They look good. They look so natural... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have Highly Cohesive Breast Implants (Gummy Bear Implants) Without Being Able to Have a Screening MRI?

I had breast reconstruction 6 years ago with saline implants, and need to have them replaced already. I would much prefer to have the gummy bear... READ MORE

Replacing Breast Implants for a TUG or S-Gap?

Hi, I would like to replace my implants (bi-literal skin and nipple sparing breast reconstruction) for an either TUG or S-Gap flap. I am slim and... READ MORE

Reconstruction After Masectomy?

Do you have to have the implants replaced over the years ? READ MORE

Can another flap be added to an existing diep?

I had bilat diep Dec 2013. I was a 36c. The larger left breast had 342g removed, replaced with 596g of fat. The smaller right breast had 496g removed,... READ MORE

Do the implants need to come out for several months or can I replace the implant immediately in surgery after irrigation?(Photo)

After a double mastectomy and immediate placement of implants I had a second reconstruction in 2012 with silicone implants. My oncologist suggested... READ MORE

Can a Tissue expander shrink over time?

My tissue expanders have been full since the end of March 2015. They have been in for 3 1/2 months and I plan on having my implant replacement surgery... READ MORE

Want results like post :FINALLY SUCCESSFUL revision SURGERY after a bad reconstruction (round highs look real) (photo)

Want natural and full looking mentor round high implants to replace flat anatomicals.mentor 330 anatomicals. Have written before but want... READ MORE

Is billing a capsulotomy unbundling?

In second stage breast reconstruction (CPT 19342) when tissue expanders are being removed and replaced with permanent implants, can CPT 19370 also be... READ MORE

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