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Post-Mastectomy Breast Infection. Expander Removal?

Left breast ( had radiations 2 years ago ) got infected after mastactamy and reconstraction with expander.I'm 2 weeks now with picc line with... READ MORE

Can I remove my breasts completely?

My breasts are nothing but ugly and in the way. They aren't very big, B-C cup but the areolas are a lot bigger than average. I find their existence... READ MORE

Remove my breasts and nipples to look like a male?

How Similar is the Breast Reduction Operation to a Mastectomy? I would like to remove my breasts and nipples. I'm looking for a surgeon who will make... READ MORE

Implant Surrounded By Adhesions And Scarring, And Want It Removed Safely. What's The Best Way?

I had a radical double mastectomy in 1974. I've had 11 surgeries on left side due to adhesions, rupture, scarring. I'm 68. I have small saline... READ MORE

Post Op After Removal of Right Axillary Breast Tissue?

I just had a day operation to remove right axillary breast tissue at my right armpit. I noticed that area still looks like there is a lump there. Is... READ MORE

Can I have my breasts removed?

I have very small breasts, size 36 A, and I want them removed. I do not like having breasts at all. READ MORE

Mastectomy 15 years ago with a tram flap reconstruction. Now, Cancer in Other Breast.

I had a mastectomy 15 years ago on the left breast and had reconstruction with a tram flap the same day. Now i have been diagnosed with breast cancer... READ MORE

Steri Strip Removal After Tissue Expander Surgery?

Two weeks ago I had tissue expander surgery 2 years after a bilateral mastectomy. I had 3 layers of steri strips and removed 2 layers after 8 days.... READ MORE

Existing Implants Instead of Expander Used in Breast to Be Radiated, then Reconstructed with DIEP Flap. Should I Remove Implant?

I already have silicone implants, and will be getting a masectomy of my left breast in about 1 week, and will be undergoing radiation after, then... READ MORE

Not Able to Do Breast Fat Transfer, What's my Choice After Fibroadenoma Removel?

I am 30 years old and having a fibrodenoma in my breast for years. Since it grew queit big during pregnancy (10cmx8cmx3cm),my doctor decided to remove... READ MORE

Skin Sparing Mastectomy and Inframammary Fold Question?

Is the inframammary fold normally removed during skin sparing mastectomy with immediate flap reconstruction? READ MORE

I Am 68 Had a Mastectomy 6/2008 Reconstruction 5/2009 Developed Pseudomonas Had Implant Removed 12/2009. Should I Try Again?

I Am 68 Had a Mastectomy 6/2008 Reconstruction 5/2009 Developed Pseudomonas Had Implant Removed 12/2009.  Should I Try Again? READ MORE

Remove 450 Cc Implants After Double S&N Sparing Mastectomy and Use Tissue and Blood Supply from Inner Thigh Without Flap?

History: Double S&N sparing mastectomy with submusc stretched 450cc implants. My wish is to remove implants and replace my 450cc cup with own... READ MORE

Axillary dissection surgery - now problems under arm.

Had fatty breast tissue removed from armpit. Now after surgery under my arm is worst i cant hold my arm completely down,due to big now seems hard lump... READ MORE

If I Got a Mastopexy Could It Get Rid of my Stretch Marks on my Boobs?

Also I was just pregnant and I breast feed an my boobs dropped some and my nipples got bigger. READ MORE

Can I Get Another Plastic Surgeon to Remove my Tissue Expanders and Do my Breast Reconstruction? Silver Spring, MD

Bilateral mastectomy with tissue expanders. Right breast (radiated) is now infected.(no fevers - on Augmentin) I am also having breathing issues and... READ MORE

Should I Wait Until my Breast Are Removed to Return to Work?

I have a tissue expander in left chest, i am going for my third fill today. Should i wait until breast expander to be removed before i return to work?... READ MORE

How Long to Wait to Repair a Collapsed Nipple?

I had a ruptured implant removed. 4 weeks later I had another surgery to remove a large hematoma. which resulted in a collapsed nipple. READ MORE

If I Get Breast Tissue Removed As a Cancer Preventative and then Augmentation How Will That Look?

I'm a 29 year old female who is extremely high risk for breast cancer. i.e mother and grandmother died of it at young ages. My doctor is recommending... READ MORE

Could this be my body rejecting or a lyphodema of the breast? (photo)

1/2012 Cancer 3/2012 Dble Mastectomy 11/2012 Implants 10/13 Peud Orange fluid with ultrasound 12/13 severes swelling stabbing pain redness 1/14 MRI... READ MORE

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