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Breast Reduction Combined w/ Reconstruction for Cyst Removal?

I Have Fibroid Cysts in Both Breasts, One Rather Large. I Want Removed. I have a cyst so large in my left breast that I would need reconstructive... READ MORE

Breast Lift and Reduction in One Breast and Implant in the Other?

In 2003 I was diagnosed with DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ) of my right breast. I had two lumpectomies done which left my right breast a lot smaller... READ MORE

Can I get a reduction on my unaffected breast after breast cancer surgery on my left breast to make them even?

My breast are different sizes after breast cancer surgery.can I get the unaffected breast reduced to make them look the same and have my insurance pay... READ MORE

Unilateral Breast Reduction + Reconstruction?

When I reduce right breast, can you use the skin and tissue to reconstruct the left breast, that was removed 5 yrs ago? READ MORE

3 Years since Radiation treatment. Can I still have a reduction/reconstruction of my radiated breast? (photo)

In 2011, I had a lumpectomy and Radiation. I have spent most of 3 years with nerve pain under and to the side of my radiated breast. I have trouble... READ MORE

Breast lift and reduction after lumpectomy and radiation. Any suggestions?

How do you find out if the blood supply to the nipple is sufficient for a breast lift due to lumpectomy and radiation. The cancer was DCIS and was... READ MORE

I had a bilateral mastectomy wondering about reduction. Is it possible?

Bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. Too big? Reduction possible after chemo? Is this heaviness swelling or forever? READ MORE

I had a skin-sparing mastectomy and the surgeon cut an about double the size of my areola. Can the nipple patch size be reduced?

I had a single mast/DIEP reconstruction. My plastic surgeon did an excellent job on the reconstruction (the mastectomy surgeon cut the hole). My... READ MORE

I'm not finding anything on oncoplasty. thoughts?

Extra tissue is removed from the affected breast during a lumpectomy, and the tissue from the non affected breast is being used to reconstruct the... READ MORE

I had capsular contraction and rupture of left breast 10years after mastectomy and had right breast reduction 2months ago?

I had the reduction on right side and brazilan gel 432 cc implant in left after rupture implant was removed and breast reduction and slightly smaller... READ MORE

I'm booked in for a right breast latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction in 6 weeks time. I have already had a silicone implant.

Under the muscle on that side and fat grafts (didn't take). I have also had a reduction done on the left side. However the right side has no padding... READ MORE

Implant size, reconstruction from mastectomy, and reduction question.

I had a skin sparing mastectomy with expander on the right. Left breast is a large D,40D bra. I'm told the expanded right breast at +/- 850ccs may be... READ MORE

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