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Scars After Surgery. What Can I Do to Make Them Lighter?

I have red wide scars under my armpits going to my back. is there anything i can use to make these scars lighter? I hate they way they look. READ MORE

How to get rid of an infection around a gummy bear implant after reconstruction from mastectomy?

It has been over a month since surgery, both incisions are closed and look perfect. My right breast is swollen, red, and I have fevers ranging from... READ MORE

My left breast is bright red and hot. Is that a cause for concern?

I have expanders after having a double Macetomy. First liquid insertion was 4 days ago READ MORE

My breast has developed like blisters underneath breast, it was totally red itchy and prickly, that has stopped a bit. (photo)

No infection and swab was normal, if I am allergic to the silicone implant if I have it removed will my thin skin be able to heal I don't want to end... READ MORE

Can my implant be infected 3 years after surgery?

I had a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction due to brest cancer almost 3 years ago. Sunday I went to sleep and I woke up with swolen breast (left)... READ MORE

What can I do to make my scar revision success? (photos)

After having issues with healing from a scar revision, we are trying again using kenalog at time of excision. Scars have been painful and red. The... READ MORE

I wonder why there is such a variation in an answer? From infection/cellulitis to just watch it.

I know it is hard to assess from a picture. My PS says its a little fluid and will dissipate. He doesn't think it's infection or a reaction to the... READ MORE

1 year after breast cancer reconstruction, boob is red and itchy.

My mom had breast cancer may 2015, mascetomy June 2015, reconstructive surgery November 2015 and then December got an infection, was put in the... READ MORE

I just had a prophylactic double mastectomy with expander with about 350 filled so far into each breast on Jan 30th 17

My breasts are very hot to the touch and are slightly red. I don't have a temperature except for the burning breasts. Is this normal? I also have pain... READ MORE

The fluid in my drains seems to be changing daily... there is now a yellow fluid on top of a pinkish red fluid inside the tubes?

Is this normal? It almost looks like how oil and vinegar settles in a bottle... the yellow fluid has the red seemingly more vicious fluid residing... READ MORE

I'm 2 days post-op bilateral masectomy. There were bright red clots the last time my drains were emptied

Im post op day2 bilateral masectomy with reconstruction. I have 2 jp drains. Last 3 time emptied them there were :bright red clots should i be alarmedNo READ MORE

I had a prophylactic double mastectomy on monday and my 4 drains are still over 30ml daily

2 of my drains are quite red with stringy fat attached. Is this normal? I am seeing my dr for post on Tuesday. READ MORE

Why has my drain output turned red after 14 weeks?

Tram flap w/ breast(s) reconstruction Sept 2016. Revision of both Feb 2017. Still draining 60-70 daily average. Last week it went up and remains 100+.... READ MORE

About scars and the best way to make them less noticeable.

After DMX and reconstruction, finished about 3 months ago, I have very notiable across the chest scars. I have got a very white, pale complexion.... READ MORE

Breast reconstruction: mesh surgery and pain.

Had a breast reduction a year ago n the scars on one side has been inflamed n red very painfull READ MORE

Why is my left breast with expander so shiny and lumpy looking?

Feb 20th I had Latissimus flap with expander put in for left breast, and a skin sparing mastectomy on right. I noticed on left breast with expander is... READ MORE

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