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Fat Transfer for Correction After Mastectomies. Recovery Time?

I had prophylactic bilateral mastectomies with tissue expanders in August. Exchange to silicon implants in December. My plastic surgeon suggested fat... READ MORE

Implant vs Flap Breast Reconstruction. Having a Hard Time Deciding; Any Advice?

I am having a bi-lateral mastectomy soon and researching reconstruction. I've seen 2 doctors: one who performs direct 1-step implants w/alloderm; the... READ MORE

Chest Exercise After Reconstruction?

I've found a lot of information on this site about how it's ok to do upper body exercise with under-the-muscle breast implants, you'll... READ MORE

What Complications Will Occur Due to Suture Rupture and Infection After Tummy Tuck for Diep Flap Surgery?

After Diep flap reconstruction injured myself pressing down to lower recliner foot rest. Resulted in a severe infection treated by 750 mg leviquin.... READ MORE

With DIEP Reconstruction, What Can I Expect in Terms of Regaining Strength and Range of Motion?

My yoga practice is very important to me and I want to make a choice that will enable me to get back to my full practice, if possible, and as soon as... READ MORE

L May Have to Have Bi-lat Skin/nipple Sparing Mastectomy. I Have Chest Wall Implants Now. Results?

I am waiting on BRCA test results. Due to DCIS in 2007. I have saline implants in the chest wall on both sides. I am a D cup. If the BRCA is positive,... READ MORE

Prophylactic Mastectomy and Reconstruction- Pros and Cons of Staged vs Single Stage Procedure?

I am BRCA 1 positive, 30 years old, 34B cup size, and planning for my (hopefully) prophylactic mastectomy and reconstruction. In order to... READ MORE

Typical Recovery for Be-lateral Mastectomy with Reconstruction?

What is the typical post-op for a bi-lateral prpphylactic mastectomy and possibe capsular contracture along with it. i don't know if i have cc or... READ MORE

Is an SGAP flap complicated for surgeons to do and for patients to recover from?

Is an sGAP flap complicated for surgeons to do and for patients to recover from? READ MORE

Recovery time after nipple reconstruction?

Hi! I'm wondering how long it would be the recovery time after nipples reconstruction. I'll be having nipples reconstructed soon and the following day... READ MORE

Would PT be helpful post op?

Would Physical therapy be helpful post bilateral mastectomy with Latisimal dorsi flap and expanders, to help the tightness I have around my chest and... READ MORE

What's the recovery time for delayed tissue expanders?

11-9 double (nipple sparring) mastectomy End of December I will have surgery for tissue expanders and chemo port Will I need to take time off of work... READ MORE

DCIS - lumpectomy and radiation - breast reconstruction and lift

I was diagnosed with DCIS in the right breast. In May 2015 had a lumpectomy and 33 days of radiation. I have a lump under the skin in the right breast... READ MORE

Does anyone has a specific brand of sports bra they recommend for the weeks following a tissue expander-to-implant-procedure?

Does anyone has a specific brand of sports bra they recommend during recovery? I know I need to wear sports bras for six weeks once the... READ MORE

I am about 7 months removed from reconstruction and swelling!

I am about 7 months removed from my reconstruction following a prophylactic mastectomy. I am your perfectly healthy 25 year old whose recovery was... READ MORE

Can I have my diep flap surgery in a different state?

I am considering having my bilateral diep flap surgery in a state that is about a 4 hour flight from my home. Is it feasible to fly home after a few... READ MORE

Breast Reduction recovery time and limitations

Hello, I am considering a Breast Reduction from 38H to hopefully a C. I lead a very active lifestyle and my job is very physically demanding. I would... READ MORE

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