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Mentor ultra high profile 800cc implants. Will I get enough projection? How will I look? Will they be really small? (photos)

I'm having my exchange surgery soon. I have 900cc filled tissue expanded. And I wanted 1200cc saline implants but my PS said my boobies would be to... READ MORE

What if my New Nipples Have Too Much Projection? Easy to Do or Leave Them Alone?

Nearing the end of a year long ordeal with breast cancer, reconstructive surgery. I have had the nipple reconst done approx 4 weeks ago and I am... READ MORE

How To Achieve Nipple Projection After Alloderm Extrusion?

Should I try alloderm again or do I have any other options for projection. This is very important to me. I had left mastectomy with muscle sparing... READ MORE

Will I Be Able to Have the D Size I Am Looking for with an Expansion of 800cc?

I have had a bilateral mastectomy due to breast cancer. When under going the expansion I had infection leading to a removal and replacement of an... READ MORE

Bilaterial Mastecomy Patients; What Type of Implant Will Provide the Best Projection, Most Natural Look, No Rippling?

I'm 5'7", 140lbs, before cancer breast were 36DD, Reconstruction surgery date 8/8/13. Tissue expander@ 550CC. met with doctor today & I requested... READ MORE

Can I get a nipple reconstructed on my left irradiated breast mound?

Hello. I had a unilateral Mx July 2012. Then I had chemo and radiation. I was going to do a DIEP flap procedure but found out about BRAVA. Did 3 Brava... READ MORE

My PS wants to use implants that are MUCH wider than my current TEs and BWD.

My current TEs are 13.3w 14.3h 4.7 project and 500ccs. I am 5'6 130 with a 31 inch rib cage. My PS has me filled to approx 650. I feel like they are... READ MORE

Why can't I find breast reconstruction before/after pictures of fuller figure women? (photos)

I'm 41 5'8" 225lbs (203 pre-mastectomies) my bra size was 38D. I had bilateral skin sparing mastectomies. I was expanded to 600cc and I now have 800cc... READ MORE

Breast cancer reconstructive surgery- Breast implant question Symmetry off-told only 3 sizes to choose from?

I got two helpful answers regarding my recent reconstructive surgery here, however when I spoke to the dr she stated that I'm pretty much done as far... READ MORE

Seeking nipple reconstruction options (Photo)

I had a nipple sparing mastectomy one year ago but lost one nipple due to necrosis. I have some areola now but no protrusion. I tried 3d tattoo but it... READ MORE

Opinions on the best choice anatomical for my frame and TE size.

What is the anatomical implant with the best projection for a 31" ribcage and 12.7 breast width diameter. My native breasts were narrow with a nice... READ MORE

Would liposuction give me more projection in both breasts after a lift and a 550cc implant in the other?

I recently had my tissue expander removed and replaced with a 550cc Mentor Memory Gel breast implant placed under the muscle of the left breast as a... READ MORE

Expanders+anatomical silicone implants. How to achieve natural ptosis and projection? I want natural looking breasts.

42,DMX (md.radical mastectomies),chemo.No radiation.Allergan 133 MX-13 500cc expanders (adm not used) I'll have swap to anatomical silicone implants... READ MORE

Expanders to implants. My PS wants to use gummy bear implants. Is it a good choice? (Photo)

I have 500cc's in each expander and 25 rads on left side.Finished rads 2 months ago and booked for exchange in April.The left side is more flat and... READ MORE

I had bilateral mastectomy from breast cancer. Which would be best, silicone round or teardrop? (Photo)

I'm 5ft 1 125 lbs I want Ddir D cup and clevage is there a implant that like high profile mentor or naturell gummy inspira that would give me... READ MORE

DIEP Flap done 16 mos ago prophylactic. S/P 2 fat graftings. Will adding gummy bear implant help my deformities? (photos)

A PS said upper pole and axillary depression are significant. I agree. He did not do the original surgery. Original PS did fat grafting x2. Fat gets... READ MORE

Once final implants inserted after expansion is completed, can skin ever be expanded more for projection?

Mastectomy with expanders (shaped like bricks) performed Dec 2014. I was 40DD and then some before and weighed 180 and 63 inches. March 2015 had... READ MORE

Which implant for reconstruction would be best to match my real breast? Want most natural look.

Am 49, had unilateral mx. Am a saggy 36 C on right side. Have TE now and plan implant exchange in fall. Want implant that most closely matches my... READ MORE

I had Deip reconstruction 4 weeks ago. both breast are extremely hard and uncomfortable. What can be done to resolve this?

This is stage 1 Deip surgery with derma matrix. 120 cc implant for projection. The are that is hard is pretty much the whole breast except for the top... READ MORE

Reconstructed nipples projection enough/normal? Would they flatten after one year? What about nipples position?

Hi.DMX (modifed radical mastectomies) due to bc,delayed breasts reconstruction with expanders and implants,nipples reconstructed with Flap lift a year... READ MORE

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