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Staph Infection Following Tissue Expander and Implants. Could I Have Prevented This?

I had tissue expanders due to cancer, implants were put in on 11/22, got staph on 12/12, left implant removed wed after xmas. Ur saying staph... READ MORE

Will Medicare and ChampVA Cover Reconstructive Surgery After Preventative Mastectomy?

Will medicare and ChampVA cover reconstructive breast surgery after having preventative surgery to remove both breast? I live in Florida. READ MORE

What Are the Risks/side Effects from Hip Flap Surgery, Post-mastectomy?

I just got a preventative double mastectomy with immediate expanders. It went ok, but my previously radiated side is not expanding well, and I am... READ MORE

Elective Mastectomy and Reconstruction?

My Mother's sister has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Her cousin died of breast cancer under 50 and my grandmother had ovarian cancer. With... READ MORE

If I Get Breast Tissue Removed As a Cancer Preventative and then Augmentation How Will That Look?

I'm a 29 year old female who is extremely high risk for breast cancer. i.e mother and grandmother died of it at young ages. My doctor is recommending... READ MORE

Breast reconstruction: Dominant side implant higher than other side. (photo)

I am 6 weeks s/p reconstructive surgery after a preventative bilateral mastectomy. I have smooth round silicone implants. My right implant (also my... READ MORE

Before and after double nipple sparing preventative mastectomy. What are this risks for nipple necrosis? (Photos)

I had a double profelactic mastectmay 7 days a go. Over the muscle high profile direct to implant 425ccs. I am 5'3'' and 118 lbs and was an a/b size... READ MORE

Can I take skin from my right side at the same time as reconstruction for my left side? (photo)

My question is: can my plastic surgeon take skin on my right side (preventive mastectomy) at the same time as reconstruction my left side both side... READ MORE

I would like to know if I am a good candidate for Strattice and if any research is being done to prevent CC?

I had a double mastectomy in 2001 (BRCA gene). Developed CC after surgery (in right breast-silicone implants). Had a capsulectomy and used saline.... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a preventative mastectomy with reconstruction?

My mother was recently diagonsed with breast cancer and my grandma had it before her. They are neither carriers of the gene (B25?) for it, so I don't... READ MORE

Darker nipple, I'm afraid of necrosis (6 days Post op)

Last Friday I had a prophylactic mastectomy with immediate reconstruction using implants. The right breast is doing good. On the left breast the... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: Is 600cc to big for my size, I have 500cc expanders in right now.

Hey Im 28 years old 5'2 150pds.I had a breast reconstruction because I have the Brca 2 gene. And at 25 yrs old my twin was diagnosed with breast... READ MORE

How do I care for reconstructed breast (post expander & implant) after radiation and mastectomy?

Cancer History: Had radiation after lumpectomy. Cancer returned; had skin sparing mastectomy with immediate expander under muscle with alloderm & fat... READ MORE

Pregnancy after a preventative mastectomy?

I'm having my preventative double mastectomy done in January and I'm wandering if this will cause me any problems in conceiving my next child ? I have... READ MORE

Family history of breast cancer on father's side.

Why have three doctors seemed very concerned with my father's side has had cancer (including my father).? When other women explain their family... READ MORE

Can implant reconstruction be done with iv sedation?

Im considering a preventative mastectomy. I would then like to have reconstruction with silicone implants. Can the reconstruction be done with iv... READ MORE

Can I remove my breasts and get implants before cancer?

Famiky history of cancer mainly in breast. I breast fed for a month since then my breast seems to have gotten smaller than already are READ MORE

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