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Long Term Pectoral Muscle Use After Breast Reconstruction?

I'm 7 weeks post tissue expander surgery and can now get back to working out. My surgeon told me I have to limit the use of my pec muscles to 5-10 lbs... READ MORE

Can the Pectoral Muscle Be Manipulated to Bring the Implanted Breasts Closer Together? (photo)

Hi Doctor, Recently I had bilateral mastectomy with tissue expanders. I noticed that my pectoral muscles push the breasts apart (towards my armpits).... READ MORE

I am 7 weeks post reconstruction with cohesive gel implants under the muscle. Will the pain and my muscle reactions ever lessen?

I am 7 weeks post reconstruction with cohesive gel implants under the muscle. Every time I flex my pectorals, exercise or use, they ache. It feels as... READ MORE

Is there any need to remove pectoral muscle during prophylactic mastectomy?

Had prophylactic mastectomy with DTI silicone. Procedure failed due to poor bllod supply. Had second reconstructive surgery, DIEP. New PS found... READ MORE

Will strengthening my pectoralis major hide the implant rippling?

I had breast recon 7 weeks ago. I have the 410 gummy bear under the pectoralis. The right implant is perfect but the left implant shows ripples on the... READ MORE

Pectoral Muscle Removed, Normal?!

Last Aug I had breast reconstruction. After 8 weeks I developed a grade 3 capsule that was infected. I had the implant removed and a capsulectomy done... READ MORE

Any thoughts on cutting the pectoral nerve for Breast Reconstruction?

I had a 2nd opinion for breast reconstruction for bottoming out and implant malposition. My new 2nd opinion wants to fix the prob. With sutures and... READ MORE

Pectoral muscle to hold the implant or alloderm? Which will be most painful?

I have thin skin since my double mastectomy in 2012. I had a pretty through double mastectomy due to cancer. I did not need chemo or radiation. I now... READ MORE

What happens during surgery for explantation implants post Masectomy? Will pectoral muscle return to normal? Severe nerve pain

What happens during surgery for explanation implants post Masectomy. Is the pectoral muscle Sowen back into place.Will I feel more normal .suffering... READ MORE

Is it normal to have pain at 10 weeks post reconstruction with implants under muscles when using pectoral muscle or arm?

I am about 10 weeks post reconstruction with bilateral cohesive gel implants under the muscle. I'm having pain in my right breast when I exercise or... READ MORE

Can you have capsule contraction w/breast reconstruction (pec holding the implant in place)? How can I ease the discomfort?

I had a pbm with direct implant reconstruction 2 years ago. My sister has commented that my right breast looks odd in certain exercises. Recently, I... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a sharp pain like a knife punture after breast reconstruction with implants?

Is it normal to have a sharp pain after breast reconstruction w implants?I had a DMX,NO radiation+expanders-implants breasts reconstruction.I had... READ MORE

Cut the pectoral nerve for a reconstruction implant surgery? I am scared of this. Is it routine?

I am post chemo and about to have breast reconstruction . I am very active. The doctor said he always denervates the pectoral major by cutting the... READ MORE

Is it standard procedure to stitch the pectoral muscle down to hold implant in place after reconstruction?

One breast is still too high after revision surgery. The muscle was in the stitched down position for over 4 years. That breast was flat and wide on... READ MORE

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