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Can Breast Reconstruction Be Done with the Implant on Top of the Pectoral Muscle?

I am facing a right mastectomy with reconstruction. I am small busted, A cup or smaller. I am not interested in being larger at all. Can I choose to... READ MORE

Over the Muscle Implant Placement After Radiation Therapy?

I have had a bilateral mastectomy. I have under the muscle silicone implants. I had radiation treatment on the right breast and the implant is... READ MORE

Possible to Have over the Muscle Breast Augmentation After Mastectomy?

I am post bilateral mastectomy, after 10 years, I finally have expanders. They were placed in Nov. I am having pain 6/10 on one breast area and to the... READ MORE

Mastectomy Reconstruction over Muscle, Happy W/breast Skin Lined W/Alloderm for Support, but Would Like Repair Suggestions?

I'm having issues with implants traveling near neck or into arm pit. Surgeon is amazing, trying to find a solution that will work with my Crossfit... READ MORE

Breast reconstruction after bilateral mastectomy for breast cancer: under or over the muscle?

It seems that there is a recent shift in the United States to doing more over-the-muscle breast reconstructions. For doctors who have done a high... READ MORE

Suddenly loose skin in the lower pole after direct to implant reconstruction over the muscle. Any suggestions? (photo)

Had double madtectomy, direct to implant a month ago and noticed this morning on the left side some loose skin in the lower pole which didn't exist... READ MORE

My wife is considering above and below the muscle implants after a double mastectomy.

One surgeon advises below the muscle augmentation, as it would push any possible chance of re-occurant cancer to the surface. The other surgeon says... READ MORE

With the recent techniques in breast reconstruction. Implant under pectoral muscle vs over pectoral muscle with ADM?

With the recent techniques in breast reconstruction, What is better, to have implants under pectoral muscles or over pectoral muscle with ADM? What... READ MORE

Implants over the muscle for prophylactic mastectomy?

More and more surgeons appear to be offering over the muscle implants for preventative prophylactic mastectomies. I feel like the ones ive seen look... READ MORE

Would over the muscle implants be a feasible option for my breast reconstruction? (Photo)

Due to breast cancer I've had bilat mastectomy and unilat radiation. Radiation damage led me to have a Lat flap on that side. I currently have a small... READ MORE

Pain in Left Breast After Tuberous Breast Reconstruction?

Hey, I'm glad I found this site and am hoping for some positive feedback. My surgeon was wonderful and really gave my tuberous breasts a natural shape... READ MORE

What considerations are there for implant over muscle reconstruction after a double mastectomy? (Photo)

I had a dbl mastectomy in Nov, 2015. The original plastic surgeon inserted tissue expanders below the muscle with alloderm slings, and inflated them... READ MORE

Before and after double nipple sparing preventative mastectomy. What are this risks for nipple necrosis? (Photos)

I had a double profelactic mastectmay 7 days a go. Over the muscle high profile direct to implant 425ccs. I am 5'3'' and 118 lbs and was an a/b size... READ MORE

Over the muscle silicone implants?

I had a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy in June 2016 (early last month). I currently have expanders in and will be having them removed and the... READ MORE

Sutures under skin. Is this normal?

Hi, I had a double mastectomy with reconstructive surgery about a month and a half ago. They put the implant over the muscle and put alloderm around... READ MORE

When can I get a massage, post mastectomy and reconstruction

Hello. I had a bilateral mastectomy in June 2016 and had the expanders removed and over the muscle implants put in place in December 2016. I am in no... READ MORE

How do you minimize ripples after a right nipple and skin sparing mastectomy with reconstruction (saline overs)? (Photos)

I got an infection so I had to have the expander removed. 6 months later they put new expander in over muscle. Before all of this I had very small... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for over muscle implants for breast reconstruction? I already have expander and implant behind my pecs (Photo)

I've had a bilat mastectomy, unilat radiation and same side latflap due to radiation damage. I now have an expander in the non rad side and a small... READ MORE

Painful to touch on side of breast after mastectomy. What am I feeling? Should I be worried? Feels very hard

Hi. I am 4 weeks post op of a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy with direct to implant over the muscle. I am feeling something on the side of my right... READ MORE

I am considering immediate reconstruction following a nipple sparing, no radiation, double mastectomy

In your opinion is it better to go with implants under the muscle, or over the muscle using a cellular dermal matrix? READ MORE

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