Over Muscle + Breast Reconstruction

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Can Breast Reconstruction Be Done with the Implant on Top of the Pectoral Muscle?

I am facing a right mastectomy with reconstruction. I am small busted, A cup or smaller. I am not interested in being larger at all. Can I choose to... READ MORE

Over the Muscle Implant Placement After Radiation Therapy?

I have had a bilateral mastectomy. I have under the muscle silicone implants. I had radiation treatment on the right breast and the implant is... READ MORE

Possible to Have over the Muscle Breast Augmentation After Mastectomy?

I am post bilateral mastectomy, after 10 years, I finally have expanders. They were placed in Nov. I am having pain 6/10 on one breast area and to the... READ MORE

Mastectomy Reconstruction over Muscle, Happy W/breast Skin Lined W/Alloderm for Support, but Would Like Repair Suggestions?

I'm having issues with implants traveling near neck or into arm pit. Surgeon is amazing, trying to find a solution that will work with my Crossfit... READ MORE

Pain in Left Breast After Tuberous Breast Reconstruction?

Hey, I'm glad I found this site and am hoping for some positive feedback. My surgeon was wonderful and really gave my tuberous breasts a natural shape... READ MORE

Suddenly loose skin in the lower pole after direct to implant reconstruction over the muscle. Any suggestions? (photo)

Had double madtectomy, direct to implant a month ago and noticed this morning on the left side some loose skin in the lower pole which didn't exist... READ MORE

Breast reconstruction after bilateral mastectomy for breast cancer: under or over the muscle?

It seems that there is a recent shift in the United States to doing more over-the-muscle breast reconstructions. For doctors who have done a high... READ MORE

My wife is considering above and below the muscle implants after a double mastectomy.

One surgeon advises below the muscle augmentation, as it would push any possible chance of re-occurant cancer to the surface. The other surgeon says... READ MORE

What considerations are there for implant over muscle reconstruction after a double mastectomy? (Photo)

I had a dbl mastectomy in Nov, 2015. The original plastic surgeon inserted tissue expanders below the muscle with alloderm slings, and inflated them... READ MORE

Would over the muscle implants be a feasible option for my breast reconstruction? (Photo)

Due to breast cancer I've had bilat mastectomy and unilat radiation. Radiation damage led me to have a Lat flap on that side. I currently have a small... READ MORE

Over the muscle silicone implants?

I had a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy in June 2016 (early last month). I currently have expanders in and will be having them removed and the... READ MORE

Sutures under skin. Is this normal?

Hi, I had a double mastectomy with reconstructive surgery about a month and a half ago. They put the implant over the muscle and put alloderm around... READ MORE

Painful to touch on side of breast after mastectomy. What am I feeling? Should I be worried? Feels very hard

Hi. I am 4 weeks post op of a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy with direct to implant over the muscle. I am feeling something on the side of my right... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for over muscle implants for breast reconstruction? I already have expander and implant behind my pecs (Photo)

I've had a bilat mastectomy, unilat radiation and same side latflap due to radiation damage. I now have an expander in the non rad side and a small... READ MORE

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