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Tightness, Pulling and Pain After Breast Reconstruction- What Can I Do?

I had reconstruction with textured silicone implants April 2011. I had continued tightness across my chest, with pulling sensations that did not get... READ MORE

Is Fat Transfer Only for Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction an Option?

I'm currently halfway through chemo for breast cancer; the plan is for bilateral mastectomy afterwards. I'm quite intrigued by the total fat... READ MORE

Tissue Necrosis After Breast Reconstruction. I Would Rather Be Flat Than Look Like This? (photo)

I had skin sparing bilat mast, breast recon with TEs. 1 week later had reaction to surgical tape. PS said remove tape. I did so and discovered tissue... READ MORE

Nervous About Breast Reconstruction with Mastectomy

My oncologist has recommended I have a mastectomy - I was diagnosed with breast cancer - and I'm going to have the surgery. He told me I could... READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction Options

What are the benefits of having breast reconstruction at the same time as mastectomy, and in which situations would it be recommended to postpone... READ MORE

Options for Reconstruction After Bilateral Mastectomy?

After a bilateral mastectomy has been performed, what breast reconstruction options will provide the most natural look? READ MORE

Hollowed Breasts After Mastectomy with Implant Reconstruction

There is a hollowed or sunken area above the implant. Can the fat grafting help? Or would it be worth while? READ MORE

Is There Any Possiblity of Beast Growing Back Again After Complete Removal Due to Cancer?

Can Breast regrow after it is completely removed because of cancer. Is there any method to regain the normal breast with all the cells. READ MORE

Insurance Coverage for Tuberous Breast Reconstruction?

I noticed only one doctor addressed the insurance coverage for "snoopy" or "tuberous" breasts. Is it common for most insurance companies to pay for... READ MORE

When Will Stem Cells Be Available for Breast Reconstruction?

I had my mastectomy operation in 2003. Still waiting for this wonderfull stem cell. READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost to Become Flat Chested?

Im a B 34 and i want to be flat chested (but then you will look like a guy!) i dont care i want them gone there miserable i hate it i dont see myself... READ MORE

Rippling After Skin Saving Bilateral Mastectomy with Immediate Reconstruction

All done 16 years ago. I was very happy with my result. But now the implants are rippling badly and I have some "nerve"? pain on my chest... READ MORE

Is Scar Tissue Removal Possible After Breast Implant Reconstruction and Radiation?

Last year I had a mastectomy due to multiple malignant phyllodes tumors. Immediate implant reconstruction surgery took place. I underwent 31 days of... READ MORE

My Expander Has a Leak, What Can Be Done for Proper Expanding?

One of my expander is leaking and everytime its expanded, it stays up for about a day and a half. Can I get a good stretch? READ MORE

Rippling with Implants After Reconstruction? (photo)

I had reco after a m with silicone implants. I have what I guess may be "rippling" in my left breast. I had an expander leak around 280 ccs... READ MORE

Unhappy With Look OF Breast Reconstruction- Options? I Also Have Fibromyalgia

7 years post op from bi-lateral mastectomy and reconstruction with McGhan 163 saline implants at 530 ccs ea. gained 25 lbs, look pretty flat don't... READ MORE

Which is Better For Breast Reconstruction, Tram Flap or Expanders?

I had a lumpedemy and the chemo. I started doing radiation and had done 4 rounds and had gotten a hole in the incision site. I got that all cleared up... READ MORE

How to Repair Muscle Damage Due to Expander Extrusion Post Double Mastectomy?

2 months post double mastectomy-undergoing expansion-prepping for implant exchange. 3 weeks ago expander pushed through muscle (still under the... READ MORE

What is Tissue Expansion by Balloon?

Trying to get my information straight on reconstructive plastic surgery techniques. One I investigated today on a cosmetic surgeons site is called... READ MORE

What can be done to reduce the swelling after I had a bilateral prophylactic mastectomy?

I had BMX surgery 8/28 and reconstruction. Because of swelling one side is a little larger than the other. The worst part is under my arms and my... READ MORE

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