Open Wound + Breast Reconstruction

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I Had a Bi-lateral DIEP Flap Procedure Done 3 Months Ago. Having Healing Issues?

I have had issues starting at about 6 weeks out with it healing. A section about 6cm long and 2-3 cm deep had opened up. I was on a regimen of using... READ MORE

DIEP on Aug 1, 2012 Extensive Open Wounds on Abdomen and Breast Tissue? (photo)

My ps advised i was doing well after he already debreaded appx 1/2 o 2 inches off left side on Aug 22 These are current photos as of today. My ps... READ MORE

Doctor Said my Mom Would Be Left with an Open Wound Because of the Radiation?

Hello, My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer back in april .They were sucessful removing it and followed it with radiation. She has since developed... READ MORE

Is It Concerning That an Incision from Breast Reconstruction Revision Came Fully Open? (Not Superficial) While Sleeping?

Not heavy lifting or massaging was involved. Woke up wondering why shirt was wet/soaked. Until in the bathroom with the light on did I learn why.... READ MORE

My mastectomy wound has opened almost entirely. Will this heal/fill in on its own as the PS tells me it will? (Photo)

Non- smoker, no diabetes, no radiation, no infection. Bi-lateral mastectomy and other breast healed fine. Plastic surgically debrided and reclosed... READ MORE

Does It Help Healing to Have Surgery on Open Draining Wounds?

I had a diep flap done due to having mastectomy to both breasts because breast cancer. I have problem that my body rejected soluble staples so now I... READ MORE

Skin graft to close open wound due to skin necrosis complications from breast reconstruction?

What is the outcome/possibility of having a skin graft on an open 1.5" open wound left from necrotized skin? The complication was resulted from... READ MORE

What do you think is happening? What do you think needs to be done? (photos)

I am concerned with incision. Two months out of reconstruction surgery. Incision looks infected and opening. READ MORE

Should my wound be wide open 2 weeks after surgery? Partial mastectomy ... I see the stitches (Photo)

I have pics.... Please help me. This is the 3rd surgery on the same breast for three months... And from the looks of it look like I might have another... READ MORE

I had a double mastectomy, they took my belly fat to replace both of my breast this was on Sept. 23/2014. Any suggestion?

Since then I had 2 infections 1 in my belly button 2 spots on my belly button were it open, my surgent told me that I would be 100% back to myself... READ MORE

Why is my JP drain output so high? Do I have an infection? What are my options?

I had righ TE exchanged 12 days ago because I had an open wound and the TE was exposed. I am 12 days post-op and am in considerable pain and still... READ MORE

Strong odor 8 weeks after DIEP flap reconstruction. With open wound separation.

I had diep flap reconstruction about 8 weeks ago. I had an infection when leaving the hospital that caused an open wound. I fought the infection for... READ MORE

What surgical options remain to someone who has had extensive flap surgery and still has a recurrence of pilonidal disease?

Hi. I have had a superior gluteal artery perforator flap 4 years ago which resolved a recurrent pilonidal sinus and a wound layed open by secondary... READ MORE

One month ago I had a tram breast reconstruction done to my left breast, now the left is breast underneath is open, Normal?

My left breast open up underneath, about 4 inches, I am putting the meds on as instructed by my doctor and keeping it clean is this normal.. READ MORE

Will Acell help an open wound resulting from radiation following bilateral mastectomy performed 2.5 years ago? Shirley L.

2.5 years ago I had radical bilateral mastectomy. After radiation and numerous surgeries, and hyperbaric treatments the end result is necrosis with... READ MORE

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