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Unhappy With Look OF Breast Reconstruction- Options? I Also Have Fibromyalgia

7 years post op from bi-lateral mastectomy and reconstruction with McGhan 163 saline implants at 530 ccs ea. gained 25 lbs, look pretty flat don't... READ MORE

Are There Any Significant Advantages to Using Alloderm in Delayed Bilateral Breast Reconstruction?

Considering 2 step tissue-expander surgery with full muscle coverage, an anotomical cohesive gel implant and no Alloderm versus partial muscle... READ MORE

Are More High Profile Co-gel Used for Reconconstruction and Moderate + for Augments?

I am just beginning expanding after my bi-lat skin sparing mastectomy.My PS noted I would have to decide in shape and size of final. In reading all... READ MORE

What is the best implant for a mastectomy patient? I wanted Sientra but they don't make the implants very big.

I am 53 and active. 5'8, 150lbs. I wear 34/B. I had a single mastectomy. During my surgery, they inserted an expander and did a partial fill. My BW is... READ MORE

Bilaterial Mastecomy Patients; What Type of Implant Will Provide the Best Projection, Most Natural Look, No Rippling?

I'm 5'7", 140lbs, before cancer breast were 36DD, Reconstruction surgery date 8/8/13. Tissue expander@ 550CC. met with doctor today & I requested... READ MORE

Unhappy with Mentor implants. Will the high profile Mentor shaped implant still have a natural appearance nude? (Photo)

My 2 previous posts have included pics thanks for all of the answers but what I want to know is will the high profile mentor shaped implant give me... READ MORE

Which Implants Will Give Me the Feeling of Natural Breasts?

I am 43 years old, had bilateral simple mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with expanders. i will be having the expanders removed in 3 weeks,... READ MORE

If I Have a Bilateral Prophylactic Mastectomy, What is my Best Option for a Natural Looking Reconstruction?

I am a 23 y/o female of Ashkenazi descent (w/ 1 case of breast cancer in the family) about to be tested for BRCA mutations. If needed, I plan to have... READ MORE

Cosmetic expectations following skin-sparing mastectomy with reconstruction?

Hi there, I suffer from chronic mastitis and fibrocystic breasts. The recommended procedure is skin-sparing mastectomy with reconstruction using gummy... READ MORE

Does BRAVA work? Double Mastectomy had DIEP on left breast/no radiation/want natural look for right breast? (Photo)

Had DIEPon left, tried expander for implant in right. Expander was too painful had it removed. Plastic surgeon said my only option would be the BRAVA... READ MORE

Opinions on the best choice anatomical for my frame and TE size.

What is the anatomical implant with the best projection for a 31" ribcage and 12.7 breast width diameter. My native breasts were narrow with a nice... READ MORE

Are teardrop or shaped implants a poor choice for reconstruction in general?

I don't want to end up with too much "roundness " at the top of my breast. I fear I'll end up with an even less natural shape, if using the round... READ MORE

Expanders+anatomical silicone implants. How to achieve natural ptosis and projection? I want natural looking breasts.

42,DMX (md.radical mastectomies),chemo.No radiation.Allergan 133 MX-13 500cc expanders (adm not used) I'll have swap to anatomical silicone implants... READ MORE

Advice on tubular breast reconstruction? (Photo)

Hello, I am 21 years old and have tubular breasts. I want this to be fixed and need as much info as possible. I do not want implants, it's not the... READ MORE

Which breast reconstruction procedure and specific technique offers the most natural looking breast with respect to scars?

I am scheduled to undergo a mastectomy for invasive ductal carcinoma in left breast. The right breast has probably benign findings following nodule... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: Is 600cc to big for my size, I have 500cc expanders in right now.

Hey Im 28 years old 5'2 150pds.I had a breast reconstruction because I have the Brca 2 gene. And at 25 yrs old my twin was diagnosed with breast... READ MORE

Follow-Up Question: Are these tissue expanders too big? Can I go bigger n still looks natural? (photos)

I had a breast reconstruction. And I want a natural look. My Dr will not give me his opinion on what sizes fit right on me. I will be having the... READ MORE

Bi lateral mastectomy silicone implants how can I get foobs more natural looking? (photos)

Looking down they look flat no volume on top r nipple area would like protrusion over all happy & realize different than augmentation most Breast... READ MORE

I am a 51 year old female who is going through breast reconstruction due to breast cancer (Photo)

I was a 36b to begin with and currently I have 720 cc in each expander. I think I'm quitting here. Would this be considered a full c? I just want to... READ MORE

What can I most likely expect my Breast reconstruction outcome to look like at this point? (Photos)

I am 1 month post direct 2 breast implants from tissue expanders. I understand I need time 2 heal however my "breasts" look ridiculous in my opinion.... READ MORE

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