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Hi I Recently Had Breast Recontruction What Cup Size is a 600 Cc?

Recently had breast reconstruction due to breast cancer. i wanted to know what cup size is a style 45 600 cc of Natrelle thanks READ MORE

Reconstructed breasts post breast cancer with Natrelle cohesive gel implants and rippling? Can this be fixed? (Photo)

I had breast cancer with nipple sparing double mastectomy, tissue expanders removed and now have 410 natrelle cohesive gel anatomically shaped... READ MORE

What Implant Size Will Most Nearly Match a Natrelle Saline Implant Style 45, 460 Cc,

Ater having a nipple sparing mastectomy on my left breast, I am trying to figure out what breast implant size would most equal my reconstructed breast... READ MORE

How Can I Correct Silicone Gel Implant Rippling? Will Saline Be a Better Option?

I underwent a bilateral mastectomy and was in tissue expanders for 5mths. I had an xchange surgery for Natrelle HP 500cc silicone implants. I am 2... READ MORE

I was wondering if the Gummy Bear and the Natrelle the same?

If their not the same, which one do you think is the best? I was wanting a comparison, so I can make up my mind. I just recently had a double mysectomy. READ MORE

*What is the BEST Implant for Bilateral Mastectomy Patients to Provide Projection and Anatomical, TE @550cc. Surgery Dt 8/8

What implant provides best projection? Natrelle 410FX provides best projection but not FDA approved. My DR. unable to get. What about Natrelle 410FF... READ MORE

Second time asking a doctor. Is my implant being rejected by my body, do I need it taken out?

3/2012 Dbl Mastectomy Cancer with reconstruction 11/2012 36 C Natrelle implants done after expanders 10/13 2.5 X4 P'eau D'orange, skin thickening... READ MORE

How long does it take for the muscle to heal from explantation? The expanders were placed under the muscle & placed in Feb '14

I'm 49. I am a 16 month surviver of breast cancer. I had a bilateral mastectomy in May 2013. I felt rushed & pressured to go ahead & do reconstruction... READ MORE

Need to know what to ask PS about the TE he chooses and the size/look I hope to end up with Natrelle410?

I am having a Proph BMX. I am 5'6, 130 with 32" ribcage. Narrow top, little fat and a full "A". I always wear a super pushup bra. I like the cleavage,... READ MORE

When one could say they are looking at the final result of breast reconstruction with implants?

Hi! I had Natrelle 510 dual gel 550gr anatomical silicone implants about 11 days ago for breast reconstruction after modified DMX. I find implants a... READ MORE

Masectomy in May 2014. Natrelle silicone implant 375cc. Left side lifted and surgeon placed a smaller implant, 180cc (Photo)

I am 5'9 /135 pounds. Maybe I should have chosen a C cup instead of a B+ which is what the surgeon said I would end up with. At any rate, because I... READ MORE

After bilateral mastectomy. I fill like my implants are flat! My surgery was in 2012. Can I get a different implants?

I was a 36 D prior to my surgeries. I'm really discouraged that they look lop-sided & round but flat. I have the Natrelle 410 MF 470cc. After... READ MORE

Naturelle INSPIRA subglandular good option for post mastectomy reconstruction desiring small (A/B) breasts with good projection?

I've had bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction. Currently have Naturalle 457cc style 15 submuscular and am unhappy with how wide and flat they are.... READ MORE

Aesthetically, do you think I should reduce my areola? Reconstruction after mastectomy. I have Natrelle 410FX, 495 cc (Photo)

Rght side is hanging inch lower than the left. Is it cause one breast was larger thn other? Also, l have a little excessive skin. PS & I talked about... READ MORE

Style 45 700 CC's, or style 20 moderate 550 CC's?

I had a double mastectomy and have Natrelle style 410 tear drop implants placed with 495 cc. I'm looking for more fullness up top since the tear... READ MORE

Natrelle inspira implants for reconstruction?

Hello. I currently have implants over muscle tear drop. I am a mastectomy reconstruction patient. I'm looking to change to a fuller look due to... READ MORE

Is the Natrelleā„¢ 410 Silicone Implant, style 410FX, a good option for mastectomy patient with nipple sparing procedure? (Photo)

What type of implant is better for me? round or teardrop shaped? Keep in mind, I want to reduce the size of my areola by having it cut around and... READ MORE

What do you think of Natrelle 510MX 550 gr dual gel shapped silicone implants for breast reconstruction? Is it good option?

If we speak about breast reconstruction after modified radical mastectomies, without radiation, Natrelle 133 MX-13 500 cc expanders, Are the Natrelle... READ MORE

I had a DMX. No radiation.What type/size of expanders and then silicone implants would be appropiate according to my dimensions?

I'm 5' 4'' tall (1m64 cm).I weight 149 pounds(68kg),chest diametre of 35.4'' (90 cm) . What type of expanders and then silicone implants would be... READ MORE

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