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Had 2 Attempts,5 Mos Apart at Tissue Expanders with Alloderm,both Failed Due to Infection.what Are My Chances w/ Future Surgery?

I Have Had 2 Attempts,5 Mos Apart at Tissue Expanders with Alloderm,both Failed Due to Infection.what Are my Chances at Future Surgery? READ MORE

After 3 Failed Breast Reconstructions, Can I Try for a 4th to Correct the Disasters I've Suffered?

Between infections and rejections, I have had three failed reconstructions. My right breast was removed due to cancer. The doctor attempted to make my... READ MORE

Share concerns for stomach fat removal at same time as breast implants.

I had right breast mastectomy and implant 5 yrs ago. As of 2014, I had left breast mastectomy and just finished inflation. I have scheduled surgery (6... READ MORE

Where is a Doctor That Can Help?

I have had 6 surgeries on my left breast to remove and drain the same abcess directly under my left nipple. I am in pain once again and I do not want... READ MORE

After multiple surgeries (22), what are there options left? (photos)

1 year ago I have a flap done and unfortunately had a blood clot 1 week later which had to be removed then and infection which caused the implant to... READ MORE

Do compression garments help with drainage tubes?

On May 1 I had a Pedicle tram flap surgery which included a T T to use for breast mound which was a total disaster . When in hospital one of the two... READ MORE

Does a deip or tummy tuck from reconstructive breast surgery cause any loss of sexual feeling?

I would like to know the truth about this. Will a deip or tummy tuck involve severing of any of the interconnected networks of muscles, ligaments,... READ MORE

Exparel Side Effects?

I had a breast and arm lift last year and they used Exparel. About 8 days out from surgery, I had intense itching. I had been off pain pills for days... READ MORE

I want reconstructive surgery and Tummy tuck. Is it possible after radiation?

Is it possible to get reconstructive surgery on my left breast after radiation? Is it possible to use the hanging skin as a possible breast? This... READ MORE

I had abdominal liposuction when I was 42 (12 years ago). Is it an absolute contraindication for DIEP?

Two PS have rejected me. The abdominal CT looks normal they say, but they are worried about what the CT does not show. Are there others who would... READ MORE

Breast reconstruction during lumpectomy operation?

Can breast reconstruction done during the same operation in which patient is going under lumpectomy. Or both things should be done separately? READ MORE

I am going to have a breast reconstruction and my surgeon wants to reconstruct my Breast with my tummy muscle and fat. Advice?

I had breast cancer on my right breast grade 3 so they removed my breast had chemo and also radiation. My surgeon doesn't want to put implants in... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a nipple-sparing mastectomy with reconstruction at the same time as a BBL?

I am a healthy 24 year old woman, however, I tested positive for a BRCA 1 mutation. According to my physician, this puts me at a 70% chance of... READ MORE

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