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Should Reconstruction Expanders Move Under the Skin?

I have had my tissue expanders in place since bilateral mastectomy 11/15/10. I stopped getting fills after December 20th so I could heal from my pain,... READ MORE

I Had Breast Reconstruction Surgery I Am Retaining Fluids, Should I Move More or Less?

I have developed a seroma in my chest after getting the expanders in place, should i move more or less? READ MORE

Can an Expander Flip on Its Own and if So How?

I recently had to have my expander replaced. My 1st surgeon who put the expander in relocated and I had to find another doctor to complete my breast... READ MORE

Painful Implant over 1 Year PO Successful Double Mastectomy with Reconstruction?

Mentor silicone high profile 500cc, no remaining breast tissue. 3 days ago, sudden severe constant pain in left breast only extends through shoulder... READ MORE

How to Try Reconstruction After an Implant Extrusion?

Had double mastectomies & immediate saline reconstructions. @3 weeks had staph blood infection. Rec'd IV antibotics & cont'd healing. NON... READ MORE

I had a preventive double mast 11 years ago, my saline implants were very firm and well rounded. Why do I have pain?

In the last 2 weeks, I have started to have pain, see visible changes. Implants have movement to the side, not up & done. my L breast seems to have a... READ MORE

Flipped Ports. First Right, and then Left?

I had surgery march this year and in June my right port flipped, I had surgery to replace the port, the. 2 weeks ago my left port flipped, they have... READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction movement guidelines.

What are general guidelines to increase mobility/decrease pain and scar tissue after reconstruction? It is now 6 weeks post-op flap reconstruction and... READ MORE

Post Breast Reconstruction Yoga - When is it Safe to Start?

When is it safe to do yoga after a breast reconstruction? Are there any specific movements I should or shouldn't do? READ MORE

I Am Concerned my Implant is Moving or Losing Fluid?

I had a stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis in January of 2004. I had a mastectomy immediately. Three years later I had expanders and then reconstruction.... READ MORE

Had reconstruction, hate the results, what can I do?

I had a bi lateral, nipple sparing, double mastectomy, no radiation, no skin sparing. I was a 36DDD before I opted to go smaller with reconstruction.... READ MORE

My implant from my latissimus dorsi surgery has slid to my back

At first we thought it was a seroma, but then realized that the silicone implant had moved to my back.I knelt down on the floor on all fours and my... READ MORE

Why do my breasts move to the side when lifting things? (photo)

I had breast cancer 5 years ago and had a bilateral mastectomy done on my breasts. After the long haul on reconstructive surgery I had 400cc silicone... READ MORE

After reconstruction one of my implants flipped into my armpit. Now that implant is not staying in the front? (Photo)

When the spacers were put in to inflate one flipped and went sideways. Now that breast goes into the armpit is there anyway to correct this and have... READ MORE

Could I have moved something from my DIEP flap surgery 10 years ago that is causing this pain?

I had a DIEP flap 10 years ago and while scrubbing my tub I felt this pain and pop in upper rib area underneath my reconstructed breast. My pain still... READ MORE

Do saline implants have the movement of natural breasts?

I had a prophylactic mastectomy about 2 years ago and recieved silicone implants. I thought that after a while they would start to move like natural... READ MORE

Almost immediately after DBL mastectomy going on 8 yrs I have constant sometimes sharp pain, swelling, heavy feeling implants.

It started the first 3 months after total reconstruction. My bones literally hurt! Back so stiff and numb movement is still VERY limited! Tired all... READ MORE

Can muscle movement be reduced in a Latissimus Dorsi Muscle flap?

I had a lattisimus Dorsi muscle flap reconstruction about 4 years ago after breast cancer. I have considerable muscle movement in the flap. It also... READ MORE

My surgeon gave me the largest Implants possible, they're rock hard & don't move. Will they ever move or go softer? (photos)

(Im having other side tubular breast uplifted & implant in in 6mths time)  I had a mastectomy with immediate implant & strattice mesh. My surgeon... READ MORE

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