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I Was Considering a Breast Reduction/lift. I Heard of a Mesh Lift Where They Create Scar Tissue to Support the Breast?

I remember reading about this mesh lift many years ago but haven't really heard much about it since. I was just wondering if there is any new... READ MORE

Advantages/disadvantages of Alloderm Vs. TIGR Mesh?

What Are the Advantages/disadvantages of Alloderm Vs. TIGR Mesh for Breast Reconstruction? READ MORE

What can I do at home to help resolve some of the fluid build up in my left breast around the expander? (photos)

I have fluid build up on top of my expander in the breast that was noncancerous and skin saver. I believe it was caused by extended car travel i.e 8... READ MORE

Is it s new technique to place mesh in with expanders then implants for breast reconstruction following a bilateral mastectomy?

I had bilateral mastectomy with expanders and mesh placed, and last year, my silicone implants were placed. My mom was just diagnosed with BC and... READ MORE

I think my doctor left something inside me. Black mesh of some sort? (Photos)

I had a breast reduction with implants, contracted gangrene after the first week. Then a small hole appeared under my breast the doctor said it was... READ MORE

DIEP breast reconstruction possible after umbilical hernia repair with mesh?

Hello, I recently discovered I'm brca 2 positive at 55 years old with not ever having had cancer. I plan to do a bilateral mastectomy with DIEP... READ MORE

I'm seeing a shadow on my right implant and it bothers sometimes it hurts. Do I have double bubble? (Photo)

Do I have double bubble? Would I need a mesh in order to get rid of this appearance? I also have a weird feeling on the bottom corner were the shadow... READ MORE

Which is better after a prophylactic double mastectomy: reconstruction with or without mesh?

I'm trying to choose a surgeon for my preventative double mastectomy due to a BRCA mutation and large family history of early cancer. I'm located in... READ MORE

How is a hernia caused by trans flap breast reconstruction repaired?

I am scheduled for laparoscopic repair of a large hernia in my right lower abdomen using mesh. Since part of the muscle was used for the breast... READ MORE

5 mos post DIEP flap on rt side. M/S free tram on left (inlay mesh used on lt side). Now with bulge rt side. Can mesh fix issue?

The pic with larger bulge is the diep flap side. The smaller bulge is fine and they put mesh there. No complaints with left side. Rt side is much... READ MORE

Mesh complications. Is this common?

Had a double mx with failed expanders. Fluid buildup. 5 months post expander removal and the incision site opened up and leaked. Just had another... READ MORE

In 2002 I had bilateral mastectomy/tram flap reconstruction. Strattice used in abdomen. I have scarring & infection. What to do?

In September of 2012 the mesh began to seperate. I know have terrible scaring, pits and mesh continuing to cause infections and coming out in various... READ MORE

Need a Doctor willing to take insurance for a displacement of my implant use a mesh or dermal matrix to support. (photo)

I'm going to travel . I want to thank all the doctors who reply on this site I've been to a lot of doctors in the past 10 years trying to find out... READ MORE

What would cause my chronic pain 4 years after a TRAM Flap surgery and subsequent repairs?

TRAM flap surgery 4 years ago without mesh. Got a bulge and a year later had mesh installed. Mesh didn't hold and is now balled up inside me. A year... READ MORE

Can I get implant reconstruction without an Adm such as Alloderm or Strattice?

I'm allergic to a lot and have weird sensitivities. I was allergic to strattice and my implant reconstruction falled 4 years ago. I'm too thin for... READ MORE

Breast reconstruction: mesh surgery and pain.

Had a breast reduction a year ago n the scars on one side has been inflamed n red very painfull READ MORE

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