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How Long Should Tissue Expanders Be in Place?

I had bi-lateral mastectomy and am in reconstruction now with tissue expanders. I heard the muscle contracts down and makes them smaller in the end. I... READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction After Lumpectomy and Radiation?

Is it possible to have Breast reconstruction after a lumpectomy and radiation? READ MORE

Breast Implants After Lumpectomy and Radiation?

Do you recommend breast implants after a lumpectomy and radiation? If so, what type of implants and what are the pros and cons of this type of... READ MORE

Breast Shrinkage 10 Years After Radiation for Breast Cancer?

Hi there. My mom is a 10 year breast cancer survivor treated with lumpectomy and radiation. She has recently noticed the treated breast has shrunk in... READ MORE

Reconstructive Options for Lumpectomy?

I am having a lumpectomy on three lumps in my breast. They are not cancerous. I have a small B breast right now, and am nervous about how they will... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Even out Breasts After Lumpectomy?

I am a 40-year-old woman with a lean athletic build. I went through a lumpectomy in 2005 due to a tiny, grade 3 cancer found. I had chemo and radio... READ MORE

Can Inverted Nipple After Lumpectomy Be Repaired?

Is it possible to to repair a nipple that has turned inward during a lumpectomy? READ MORE

What is the Best Reconstructive Option for my Lumpectomy/Radiation?

In June/06 I had a lumpectomy w 2 levels of lymph nodes removed, followed by 21 treatments of radiation. I would like to slightly enhance and be as... READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction Cost: $13,000 Fair Price?

I got a quote of 13,000 for implants, a lift and fixing of some scar tissue on my right breast due to two lumpectomy's. I'm going to have both... READ MORE

Does Medicaid (IDPA) Cover Reconstructive Surgery After Lumpectomy?

I have illinois medicaid or IDPA and had a lumpectomy oct of 2010 due to 2 lumps. my right breast since the surgery is now a cup size different than... READ MORE

Hematoma 1 Day Post-Lumpectomy

 Post- Lumpectomy, Grapefruit Sz Hematoma Drained 24hrs Ago and is Back. Help! It Hurts. READ MORE

Can I Have Plastic Surgery to Fix a Lumpectomy Depression Before Having Radiation?

I had a lumpectomy and re-excision on one breast about 8 weeks ago. I am currently having chemotherapy and am scheduled to begin radiation in April.... READ MORE

Areola Reduction and Nipple Repositioning Possible?

I had a lumpectomy and removal of 3 lymph nodes and radiation on the left side that left me with pulled-in, nasty scars, and a nipple that faces to... READ MORE

Can Fat Grafting Be Safely Performed in DCIS After Lumpectomy and Radiation?

I had DCIS, lumpectomy and rads in 2008. In 2011 I had tissue expanders and exchange after six months of painful expansion. Six weeks later the wound... READ MORE

Is There Something I Can Do to Relieve Breast Pain from "Post Surgical Change"?

I had a minor lumpectomy 10 years ago to remove a benign cyst. It was done by a general surgeon at a small local hospital. Approx 2 months post... READ MORE

Mastectomy and Reconstruction Following Radiation

I had a lumpectomy and radiaiton 18 years ago and 9 years ago (first left, then right breast).1 year ago I was genetically tested and carry the BRAC1... READ MORE

Reconstruction for a double lumpectomy/no cancer, not covered by insurance?

Had a double lumpectomy 10 days ago. The 2 golf ball sized tumors turned out to be non cancerous. My once DD breasts now have 2 huge dents and little... READ MORE

Are Behind the Pectoral Muscle Breast Implants Ok After Lumpectomy, with or Without Radiation?

I've been recently diagnosed with Stage 1 DCIS, and going to undergo lumpectomy. Dr. doesn't think radiation will be necessary. Can I still have... READ MORE

Breast Lift and Reduction in One Breast and Implant in the Other?

In 2003 I was diagnosed with DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ) of my right breast. I had two lumpectomies done which left my right breast a lot smaller... READ MORE

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