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Double Mastectomy and Breast Implants Cost?

Around how much would a double mastectomy and breast implants cost without insurance?   READ MORE

Does Medicare Cover Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy?

Does Medicare cover Breast reconstructive surgery  after bilateral prophylactic Mastectomy for patients with BRCA positive gene mutation and... READ MORE

Reconstructive Options for Lumpectomy?

I am having a lumpectomy on three lumps in my breast. They are not cancerous. I have a small B breast right now, and am nervous about how they will... READ MORE

Will Insurance Cover Implant Exchange under Cancer Mastectomy Reconstruction? Is Procedure Realistic?

I Had Dbl Mastectomy W/ Reconstruction (Saline Implants). My Left Breast Has Always Had a Couple of Wrinkles/ Bubbles. I would like to exchange my... READ MORE

Insurance Coverage and Cost for Breast Implant Replacement?

Would it be feasible to have new implants? What would be a ballpark cost figure to do this? And would Medicare and my supplemental insurance (which is... READ MORE

Insurance Coverage for Tuberous Breast Reconstruction?

I noticed only one doctor addressed the insurance coverage for "snoopy" or "tuberous" breasts. Is it common for most insurance companies to pay for... READ MORE

Rippling After Skin Saving Bilateral Mastectomy with Immediate Reconstruction

All done 16 years ago. I was very happy with my result. But now the implants are rippling badly and I have some "nerve"? pain on my chest... READ MORE

Is Hypoplastic Breast Reconstruction Covered Under Insurance?

Is Hypoplastic Breast Reconstruction Covered Under Insurance? READ MORE

Will Medicaid Pay for Surgery to Correct Tubular Breasts if the Deformity is Affecting my Ability to Breastfeed?

The size and position of my areolas made it so I couldn't breastfeed. My son couldn't latch on properly because of it causing the skin to... READ MORE

Will Medicare and ChampVA Cover Reconstructive Surgery After Preventative Mastectomy?

Will medicare and ChampVA cover reconstructive breast surgery after having preventative surgery to remove both breast? I live in Florida. READ MORE

Reconstruction for a double lumpectomy/no cancer, not covered by insurance?

Had a double lumpectomy 10 days ago. The 2 golf ball sized tumors turned out to be non cancerous. My once DD breasts now have 2 huge dents and little... READ MORE

Mastectomy 15 years ago with a tram flap reconstruction. Now, Cancer in Other Breast.

I had a mastectomy 15 years ago on the left breast and had reconstruction with a tram flap the same day. Now i have been diagnosed with breast cancer... READ MORE

Is an MRI Covered by Insurance for Future Checks on Silicone Implants That I Have Due to Breast Cancer Reconstruction?

I was diagnosed with cancer my right breast, and had a double mastectomy with immediate expander placement. I just had replacement surgery, with... READ MORE

Is Having a Masectomy a Good Option for a Person with Just Painful Fibroids?

I have very small, dense breasts that are pretty much rittled with fibroids. I've already had one taken out for a biopsy and I think I'm feeling... READ MORE

Is a Breast Revision for Reconstruction After a Matectomy Normally Covered by Insurance?

I was wondering if a revision surgery for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy is normally covered by insurance? Are there certain things that... READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction Due to Eating Disorder Covered by Insurance?

I suffered throughout my teens and twenties with an eating disorder - and bound my breasts throughout those same years. Although my breasts are not... READ MORE

If you have benign lumpy breast can you get a prophylactic breast implants?

A lady I know says she had this done and her insurance paid for it. (I don't want to hear it depends on your insurance contact your insurance) I want... READ MORE

Elective Mastectomy and Reconstruction?

My Mother's sister has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Her cousin died of breast cancer under 50 and my grandmother had ovarian cancer. With... READ MORE

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