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Had DIEP Flap Surgery - Incision on Belly Splitting Badly

I had DIEP flap surgery 4 weeks ago, breasts are fine, some issues with the tummy incision. my incision started to separate 3 weeks later. saw my PS... READ MORE

Incisions for Tissue Expander Surgery? (photo)

I just had tissue expander surgery with an older Dr. He extended my mastectomy scars with the incision saying it was to prevent pectoral muscle damage... READ MORE

Is It Concerning That an Incision from Breast Reconstruction Revision Came Fully Open? (Not Superficial) While Sleeping?

Not heavy lifting or massaging was involved. Woke up wondering why shirt was wet/soaked. Until in the bathroom with the light on did I learn why.... READ MORE

The Incision from the Mastectomy Has Not Healed in 7 Weeks? Should the Expander Be Removed? (photo)

The expander has been deflated to promote healing with no results. At my wits end, feel more debilitated every day. No energy, legs feel very weak. My... READ MORE

Diep Flap Surgery 4 Weeks Post Op - 6 Months of Chemo. Incision Opened Up?

I am packing my incision twice a day (3 inches long and 1/2 inch deep. How long do these take to heal? Can I shower with this open incision? I keep it... READ MORE

Is this a normal incision? 1 week post op. I've had skin necrosis in the past

I had implant exchange surgery last week (exchanging expander for implant after mastectomy) and got to remove dressing today. I am kind of concerned... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons of sub pectoral vs. sub dermal implant placement immediately following a bi-lateral mastectomy?

I'm 45 and I've been diagnosed with Stage I breast, ER and PR positive, HER2 negative, BRAC 1& 2 negative, left breast. I've decided to undergo a... READ MORE

Necrosis after mastectomy. Do I have enough skin to close a reincison? (Photo)

12 days ago I had a bilat skin sp mast with TE placement Immediately after surgery I was "bruised". went in for my 7 day f/u and they mentioned... READ MORE

What do you think is happening? What do you think needs to be done? (photos)

I am concerned with incision. Two months out of reconstruction surgery. Incision looks infected and opening. READ MORE

What does a skin sparing mastectomy with implant reconstruction and expanders looks like during and after the process?

I would like the least amount of scarring or smallest incision and want clarification regarding the incision which I think is around the nipple or... READ MORE

I had a Mastectomy with silicone implant. Incision hasn't closed & continues to drain 8 weeks post op. What should be done?

I am 65years old, completed chemo 12 weeks ago and had a complete response,no other health plastic surgeon feels I was not having enough... READ MORE

I'm s/p a mastectomy with reconstruction. My implant is not where is should be and I don't have an IMF. (Photo)

My doctor wants to make an incision and remove a piece of skin and then suture it to my ribs to create an IMF. He called it the Ryan Procedure. What... READ MORE

Can the increase of fluid in my tissue expanders cause stretch marks at the incision line?

I had a bilateral mastectomy in earl June. My scars are similar to that of a breast lift. Both expanders have 300ccs. The recent fill was 100ccs and... READ MORE

Should I go to the hospital or wait to have a sono and see my dr tomorrow? (Photo)

Extrem awelling with a burning sensation below incision from deip flap surgery 4.5 weeks ago. READ MORE

Will I have to have Tissue Expanders Removed? (photo)

I had a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy with tissue expanders on 1/27/2015. I had tissue necrosis on both breasts along the incision. The left... READ MORE

Incision tightness. Any suggestions?

I had a muscle sparing TRAM flap reconstruction October 21,2015. I am experiencing tightness in my lower abdomen and it would usually go away over... READ MORE

32 year old DIEP flap reconstruction after BC treatment. One C and one A? (Photos)

I am 6 wks PO, bilateral DIEP reconstruction. Complication with abdominal incision opening up so have a wound VAC to heal faster. My other concern is... READ MORE

After having breast reconstruction 3 years ago, can an incision split open under the skin?

I have no pain, but after taking a shower, I noticed this place on the breast that I had had a lumpectomy and radiation 20 years ago. My PC was able... READ MORE

Is double incision my only option? May I get keyhole then later get revsions to remove excess skin?

I would like to get a mastectomy done soon. However I would not like the double incision due to the scaring. I know that many patients with excess... READ MORE

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