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Is this necrosis? (photos)

I had prophylactic bilateral mastectomy with immediate one step reconstruction ( strattice and silicon implants) 19 days ago. My right breast... READ MORE

Hematoma 1 Day Post-Lumpectomy

 Post- Lumpectomy, Grapefruit Sz Hematoma Drained 24hrs Ago and is Back. Help! It Hurts. READ MORE

Doctor Said my Mom Would Be Left with an Open Wound Because of the Radiation?

Hello, My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer back in april .They were sucessful removing it and followed it with radiation. She has since developed... READ MORE

I Had a MRI Needle Biopsy of my Right Breast. They Needed to Implant a Titanium Metal Piece and I Now Have a Hematoma There ?

Hello the MD asked for a MRI needle biopsy to be done after seeing something suspicious in my right breast. Luckily the results were negative. She... READ MORE

Developed a Large Hematoma Over Whole Breast After Breast Surgery, How Long for This to Heal?

I had breast surgery 3 wks ago for mass removal (2 masses). I developed a large hematoma over whole breast. It has improved but the area to the right... READ MORE

4 months post op Bilateral Mastectomy w/ reconstruction, I have a Hematoma under my implant. What treatment would you recommend?

I had a Bilateral Mastectomy with reconstruction four months ago, last week while lifting something too heavy something popped in my right breast.... READ MORE

My Plastic Surgeon Said my Muscles Are Too Tight?

I had a bi-lateral mastectomy 7/11/12 and a second surgery on right breast due to hematoma on 7/13/12. This decsion was prophilactic measure because I... READ MORE

Bruising and hardness in breast after diap flap reconstruction

7 weeks since my operation, my breast is still bruised with hard areas which I have been told to massage firmly every day, should I still have... READ MORE

How Long to Wait to Repair a Collapsed Nipple?

I had a ruptured implant removed. 4 weeks later I had another surgery to remove a large hematoma. which resulted in a collapsed nipple. READ MORE

Will my breast go back to normal?

I have stage 1 HER2 Breast cancer. A 2.1cm lump was removed, it didn't spread. After surgery a large hematoma formed & was evacuated. About 8oz. Of... READ MORE

Will necrotized hematoma leak into the rest of my body as it has been so long since the accident? (Photo)

June 2014 auto accident caused severe bleeding in left breast from seatbelt. Should I insist on seeing the plastic surgeon (who is currently waiting... READ MORE

DIEP Swelling Post-Op? Heavy legs.

I had DIEP surgery last week. At the same time I had an abdominal hernia that had to be repaired. A week later I was back in the hospital for a... READ MORE

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