Fluid + Breast Reconstruction

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How do I get my fluid to decrease after a bilateral mastectomy so I can get my 2 drains taken out?

I am 30 and weigh 150. My Dr. said I would probably be able to remove the drains after 2 weeks because of my size but now I am going on week 3 without... READ MORE

Fluid Collection After TRAM Flap Surgery

I had TRAM flap surgery on March 2, and I still need to have fluid drained from my stomach. I had a hematoma in the same area after surgery that had... READ MORE

Fluid Between Tissue Expander and Skin - Should I Be Worried?

I have two areas of fluid between my breast skin and tissue expander. The exchange surgery is in eight weeks. Anyone have this and if so is it a... READ MORE

I Had Breast Reconstruction Surgery I Am Retaining Fluids, Should I Move More or Less?

I have developed a seroma in my chest after getting the expanders in place, should i move more or less? READ MORE

How long is too long for JP drains and excessive fluid output??

I am 4wks post op from a grade 4 capsulectomy and ruptured silicone implant. I had reconstructive surgery 7 yrs ago. I still have a JP drain in my... READ MORE

Minor Fluid Build-up 2 Months After Breast Tissue Excision, How Long Should this Last

I had excision of a fairly large amount of breast tissue. Everything went well, except that now, 2 months later, I am having minor fluid build-up on... READ MORE

Fluid Around my Breast Implants Reoccur?

I had reconstruction surgery on 1/5/2011 and the expanders replaced on 08/2011 with 850 silicone implants. Around december I had fluid around the let... READ MORE

Continued Fluid Build Up Before Radiation Therapy, What Can Be Done?

Had a double mastectomy/expander Oct 2012. Went thru chemo. Before radiation consultation, noticed fluid build up. PS aspirated 150 cc and then again... READ MORE

Can it be an infection of te? (photos)

I had masectomy done with Te on march 31st. Temp 101 frm past 2 days. Took..2 tablets of antibiotic bactrim ysty My breast looks slight pink. I was... READ MORE

What's best treatment for a 20 to 26 month old tummy seroma following pedicle tram breast reconstuction 20 mth ago?

A fluid cavity was found by CT scan 12 mths later due to chemotherapy it was drained 18 months post op when it was an old blood haematoma. Two month... READ MORE

I had a double mastectomy three 1/2 weeks ago. Should I see my surgeon to have the fluid drained?

My drains were removed 4-days ago. I now have fluid collecting at each breast site with a lot of pressure with moderate pain. READ MORE

Bilateral mastectomy 1 month post op my L breast had 250 cc of fluid. 2nd sx, breast was filled with white yeast pudding (Photo)

2nd attempt with a expander, 3 wks post op and 180 cc of fluid, sediment and crystals were noted. Await culture results? What,How and Why? Of course... READ MORE

Need to know more about my breast

I had surgery on my breast and had a lump removed which was called pash that cause your breast to grow out of control my doctor put some strips over... READ MORE

Can the increase of fluid in my tissue expanders cause stretch marks at the incision line?

I had a bilateral mastectomy in earl June. My scars are similar to that of a breast lift. Both expanders have 300ccs. The recent fill was 100ccs and... READ MORE

Is fluid surrounding skin expander normal?

I had a double mastectomy after BC with implants fitted in same op. One implant failed because of excessive fluid build up and was removed.(It was... READ MORE

Is fluid buildup and leakage behind abdominal incision 6 months post DIEP flap surgery serious?

My wife is experiencing fluid buildup and leakage behind her abdominal incision 6 months post DIEP flap surgery. Is immediate medical attention advised? READ MORE

I have pain in rib after reconstructive surgery. Any suggestions?

Im 10weeks after masectomy and immedoate reconstructive surgery.i have a very bad pain in my left rib at top.simce day 1 i thought it was the drain... READ MORE

I feel fluid around my expander. Is this normal?

I had a mastectomy and reconstruction almost 3 weeks ago. After 2 weeks my Dr went in to remove excess fluid that was not letting me heal and he... READ MORE

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