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My Breasts Are Flat Post Reconstruction/Revison

I had bilateral mastectomies with immediate bilateral reconstruction with implants and free nipple grafts 1 week ago. I had 600 cc saline implants... READ MORE

My Silicone Gel Implant is Flat in the Nipple Area, Will That Round Out?

I am 5 days post op and this was placed after my expander that was in place post mastectomy. The scar is across the area tha is flat, so I don't... READ MORE

Is there any way I can have high profile implants after mastectomy so as not to look flat? (photo)

Related to my previous posts about being unhappy with my mentor implants after mastectomy due to flatness I. Is there any way I can have high... READ MORE

Breasts Look Flat in Late Stage Process of Tissue Expanders? (photo)

I had a bilateral mastectomy in June, 2012, then tissue expanders put in on Dec 26. I've had 5 fill ups, a total of 540cc so far. My new breast mounds... READ MORE

My breasts look like flat after reconstruction. Will these drop or have a better shape?Sientra 20621-695MP implants. (photo)

Did I get the wrong implants? What type should I have gotten for my frame? Will these form a better shape as time goes on? I am 5'7, 185lbs, 40 in rib... READ MORE

My breast go flat when I use my chest muscles.

I just had my expanders exchanged with silicone implants. When I bend forward to wash my hands my breast go flat when my chest muscles are flexed. I... READ MORE

How do I get shape not size with breast implants in reconstruction following mastectomy?

With respect to implants used for reconstruction I have been told that implants just add size NOT shape so where or how do I control the shape of... READ MORE

My PS wants to use implants that are MUCH wider than my current TEs and BWD.

My current TEs are 13.3w 14.3h 4.7 project and 500ccs. I am 5'6 130 with a 31 inch rib cage. My PS has me filled to approx 650. I feel like they are... READ MORE

After bilateral mastectomy. I fill like my implants are flat! My surgery was in 2012. Can I get a different implants?

I was a 36 D prior to my surgeries. I'm really discouraged that they look lop-sided & round but flat. I have the Natrelle 410 MF 470cc. After... READ MORE

Had tram flap done after breast cancer. Unhappy with the projection of nipple, far to flat. What are my options? (photo)

I read somewhere it's possible to have collagen injected into the reconstructed nipple area is this true? READ MORE

Ipsolateral reconstruction; does this have possibility of correcting over time? (photos)

243g masectomy replaced with 495HP silicone plant on left. Right breast lift with implant removed 120g tissue and added 270MP. Flat spots on left and... READ MORE

Why does it look like I don't have Mentor Memory Gels 800cc in? Do I need a revision? (photos)

Propholactic Reconst BRCA 2 + 47 years old. My expanders were in for about 5 years, one set due to being put on meds for health issues -then one... READ MORE

I was a failure with reconstruction and want to go completely flat. (Photo)

I've been in chronic pain since day one of masectomy 7-28-15. . The left side gave me such pain and doctors couldn't find anything wrong. The... READ MORE

Breast reconstruction 3 days post op. I look flat on top and shaped odd? (Photo)

I had my expanders out and my cohesive gel high projection smooth round 800cc implants placed 3 days ago, and a lift also. I'm feeling like my breast... READ MORE

I'm a 17 yr old female who was born with Pectus Excarvatum and has undergone the Nuss procedures. Breast recon good for me?

I am booked in the have a Breast recon/ augmentation in less than a month, my left breast is an A cup and my right side is flat. I am 176cm tall and... READ MORE

If my implants are already in but I haven't had nipple reconstruction yet, is it too late to make any changes?

My plastic surgeon hasn't included me on any decisions and I'm very unhappy with my look. My breasts are far apart with a large flat spot between them... READ MORE

I have had bi lateral breast reconstruction and saline implants.

My right breast is flat like a pancake and both breasts have creases across the scar line and I can no longer wear flat colours as the crease shows.... READ MORE

Want results like post :FINALLY SUCCESSFUL revision SURGERY after a bad reconstruction (round highs look real) (photo)

Want natural and full looking mentor round high implants to replace flat anatomicals.mentor 330 anatomicals. Have written before but want... READ MORE

i had my infected implants removed ten days ago on the nhs. now the look deformed and misshapen i feel so sad and unhappy :(

I went to prague for a breast lift with implants 6 weeks ago having had very saggy empty breasts after breastfeeding my 6 children. after a week i... READ MORE

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