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My Silicone Gel Implant is Flat in the Nipple Area, Will That Round Out?

I am 5 days post op and this was placed after my expander that was in place post mastectomy. The scar is across the area tha is flat, so I don't... READ MORE

With DIEP Reconstruction, What Can I Expect in Terms of Regaining Strength and Range of Motion?

My yoga practice is very important to me and I want to make a choice that will enable me to get back to my full practice, if possible, and as soon as... READ MORE

I Am Considering Breast Reconstruction Using a Spectrum Implant/expander- What Result Can I Expect?

I had a tissue-sparing mastectomy in April. I had chemo but no radiation. I am a 38B. Is a Spectrum implant/expander reliable and produce a positive... READ MORE

L May Have to Have Bi-lat Skin/nipple Sparing Mastectomy. I Have Chest Wall Implants Now. Results?

I am waiting on BRCA test results. Due to DCIS in 2007. I have saline implants in the chest wall on both sides. I am a D cup. If the BRCA is positive,... READ MORE

What Do I Need to Ask my Surgeon Before my Exchange Surgery?

I had a double mast, I have expanders in now. I have a consult to go over the next surgery to put in the silcone implants. I will discuss size, and... READ MORE

Does the Skin Around the Fat Grafting Get Tightened for Reconstructive Breast Procedures?

I have had a bilateral mastectomy, currently have expanders in place and am undergoing radiation. My PS said I would likely have to have fat grafting... READ MORE

I'm s/p a mastectomy with reconstruction. My implant is not where is should be and I don't have an IMF. (Photo)

My doctor wants to make an incision and remove a piece of skin and then suture it to my ribs to create an IMF. He called it the Ryan Procedure. What... READ MORE

Cosmetic expectations following skin-sparing mastectomy with reconstruction?

Hi there, I suffer from chronic mastitis and fibrocystic breasts. The recommended procedure is skin-sparing mastectomy with reconstruction using gummy... READ MORE

Realistically, what should I expect my reconstruction to look like? (Photo)

I am about to go through prophylactic bilateral mastectomy.I am a BRCA2 +. I am 37 yrs old. 129 pounds. 5.7 tall. slender and active. I have droop... READ MORE

Breast Reduction recovery time and limitations

Hello, I am considering a Breast Reduction from 38H to hopefully a C. I lead a very active lifestyle and my job is very physically demanding. I would... READ MORE

What kind of outcome can I realistically expect from a breast reconstruction surgery? (Photo)

I've some additional pictures to my original question to capture a better view of the ripple effect that is happening with the direct to implant... READ MORE

Slight abdominal bulge below the navel after DIEP flap. Does this go away?

I had bilat. prophylactic mastectomy nearly 3 weeks ago. On one said PS did m/s free tram. On the other side he was able to do DIEP. I have a slight... READ MORE

What to expect after explant?

After stage 3, double mastectomy, chemo, radiation and 2 1/2 yrs of discomfort and sore joints I had second reconstruction along with scar and dead... READ MORE

What can I most likely expect my Breast reconstruction outcome to look like at this point? (Photos)

I am 1 month post direct 2 breast implants from tissue expanders. I understand I need time 2 heal however my "breasts" look ridiculous in my opinion.... READ MORE

I'm a 36DDD. I'm scheduled to have a bilateral parenchymal mastectomy with expander.

I would like to know what if I will have the same size breast. I'm 5'3' 130lbs . What should I expect when I'm done with the expanders. READ MORE

Surgery on tram flap breast. What are some of the long-term changes I should expect?

I am wondering if it is better to reduce the size of my tram Flap from a DD to a.C? I am wondering about future complications, sagging, weight of the... READ MORE

Breast reconstruction: How is surgical removal of a seroma done?

I developed a seroma after TRAM flap surgery. My plastic surgeon has tried everything to make it heal to no advail. He has decided on surgery. What am... READ MORE

Large gaping wound on right breast. Saw er doc 10 days later sending me to a surgeon ASAP. What should I expect?

Wound is about 5-6 inches long and 2 inches deep so gaping it is about 4 inches wide. I did hit a blood vessel . Since the time and the damage of the... READ MORE

What to expect from a skin sparing bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction?

37yts old and I've have tumors removed for the last there years but the keep growing back, my body rejected tamoxifen and I'm in the 4th year of my... READ MORE

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