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How Much Stretching Needed to Regain Normal Breast Size?

I had a double mastectomy in August 2005. I still have tissue expanders in due to a series of events that made it impossible to get to and from... READ MORE

Will I Be Able to Have the D Size I Am Looking for with an Expansion of 800cc?

I have had a bilateral mastectomy due to breast cancer. When under going the expansion I had infection leading to a removal and replacement of an... READ MORE

Whats the Longest a Expansion Can Take? (photo)

I am considering reconstruction implants seven years delayed. Is the skin and muscle going to stretch enough or will it be for nothing? I met with PS... READ MORE

I Am a 55 Yrs Old. Double Mastectomy with Radiation on Left Side.

Some residual soft skin on left. Height 177cm. Weight 115kg. Had not want a flap procedure. can expansion be considered? thank you READ MORE

Does Breast Tissue Continue to Expand Post Expansion?

I feel as though my temps are getting bigger and wonder if anyone has had this experience? Had a bilateral mastectomy five months ago and final... READ MORE

Playing Sports After Breast Surgery?

I have recently had tissue expansion done on my breasts. I am returning to have the expanders replaced with implants. I am a very sporting person and... READ MORE

Should I be satisfied with this result? Had bilateral nip sparing mastectomy after diagnosis of invasive breast cancer (photos)

Sadly, my nips turned black and I had full nip necrosis on one side and partial necrosis on the other. Next, I had expansion, implant exchange, fat... READ MORE

More Painful After Re-inflation?

So I finished radiation on 6/3. My PS filled me 300cc in 6/17. Everything was fine. He then completed my expansion with 300cc on 6/28. This time was... READ MORE

How Long Do I Have to Wait for Breast Tissue Expansion on the Opposite Side?

I had an uplift on left side and tissue expansion on right. However now I have to undergo tissue expansion on left side as its even more asemetric.... READ MORE

I can't bear any pressure or skin contact during breast tissue expansion. I am supposed to wear "compression". What do I do?

I had a BMX a few weeks ago and my first fill last week. I was down to OTC meds prior to the fill, now I have extreme pain. Burning skin made worse... READ MORE

Had double mastectomy w/ reconstruction July 6 and am expanding. Is it okay to ask for second opinion during expansion? (photo)

Before i decided to have it done immediately I told to my doctor that I wanted to be a little bigger than my normal boobs and he said He can go up to... READ MORE

Inadequate breast expansion - needed bigger TEs?

I'm asking in a different way since I got no response last time. I had a skin sparing - no radiation. I am in the middle of delayed implant... READ MORE

When am I ready for permanent implants after expansion?

I had bilateral mastectomies, Her2 cancer on right. My expansion has occurred almost weekly and I have reached a beautiful size/result. I'm ready for... READ MORE

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