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How Long is It Possible for my Breast to Drain?

Dec. 20th I had reconstruction. It has been almost 10 years since my mastectomy, radiation, and chemo. He put an expander in (took the implant out... READ MORE

Fluid Collection After TRAM Flap Surgery

I had TRAM flap surgery on March 2, and I still need to have fluid drained from my stomach. I had a hematoma in the same area after surgery that had... READ MORE

An Infection Keeps Reoccurring Following Surgery, Should I Worry?

In Aug. 2011 I Had a Nipple & Skin Sparing Bilateral Mastectomy.  I'm Very Fortunate to Have Been a Good Candidate for This, but I keep... READ MORE

Drainage After Failed Breast Reconstruction

I experienced a partial failure of a DIEP reconstruction. After chemo, I underwent a fat graft to fill out the breast. However, my surgeon found and... READ MORE

Continued Fluid Build Up Before Radiation Therapy, What Can Be Done?

Had a double mastectomy/expander Oct 2012. Went thru chemo. Before radiation consultation, noticed fluid build up. PS aspirated 150 cc and then again... READ MORE

Persistent Drainage Issue After Bilateral Masectomy/Reconstruction Normal?

It has been over six weeks since my bilateral mascetomy/reconstruction with AlloDerm, and I am still draining 50ccs per 24 hour period. There does not... READ MORE

Does It Help Healing to Have Surgery on Open Draining Wounds?

I had a diep flap done due to having mastectomy to both breasts because breast cancer. I have problem that my body rejected soluble staples so now I... READ MORE

Can corrective surgery be done to scar before final implants put in so we can continue to fill?

Delayed bilateral lat flap reconstruction 9/13. 300 cc fill, and Dr. now mentions "overfill" with permanent implants. Confused!  Rt. side had a... READ MORE

What type of doctor should I see for a chronic seroma? (12 cm x 12 cm x 4 cm).

8 years ago I had a bilateral TRAM post breast cancer (chemo, radiation & hormone therapy). Immediately a large seroma formed (right auxilla to left... READ MORE

Do compression garments help with drainage tubes?

On May 1 I had a Pedicle tram flap surgery which included a T T to use for breast mound which was a total disaster . When in hospital one of the two... READ MORE

Drainage After Expander Implant?

I had expander implant , drains in afterwards , drain become blocked at the tap that releases the drained fluids , had the drain replaced , nurse did... READ MORE

Redden breast with bleeding two months after final implants from double mastectomy. Any ideas what it is?

Had implants put in Nov 18th. Around the 20 of December breast became very red. PS had infectious disease doctor drain breast 70cc of bloody fluid no... READ MORE

In July 2015, I had my right breast rem and drainage tubes were in for 7 days. 3 weeks he had to remove fluid (seroma).

Next 5 months, I going in every month to have it drained. On Dec. 30, 2015, he took me into surgery and removed 2 seroma's and put in a drainage tube.... READ MORE

How much is too much for drainage after tissue expander surgery?

I had a tissue expander put back in my left breast on April 18, 2016. I am still draining about 80cc every day. I had a mycobacterium fortuitum... READ MORE

Is it normal for fluid to build up even though I have no started my infections in the expanders yet? (Photos)

I was dignosed with breast cancer and had surgery. I am in the process of reconstruction. Last week, I found out that I had two blood clots and was... READ MORE

Drains removed but still draining. Should I be worried?

Prior to my removal of drains I wasn't quite at the ccs the doctor wanted me to be at exactly - but having them in for four weeks and being close to... READ MORE

I'm still swollen after my DIEP Flap reconstruction, should I be applying heat or ice?

I had my DIEP Flap Reconstruction surgery June 28, which consisted of the tummy tuck and using that fat to create my new breast. My question is... READ MORE

Why has my drain output turned red after 14 weeks?

Tram flap w/ breast(s) reconstruction Sept 2016. Revision of both Feb 2017. Still draining 60-70 daily average. Last week it went up and remains 100+.... READ MORE

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