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How Long Should You Wear a Bandage over Your Breast Following Exchange Surgery, Tissue Expanders for Silicone Implants?

I had a double mastectomy about 5 1/2 months ago with immediate reconstruction. Almost two months ago, silicone implants replaced my tissue expanders.... READ MORE

Can Breast implants 4 years after DIEP flap reconstruction help fill out upper pole? (Had fat injections and it all absorbed)

I had prophylactic, skin/nipple sparing double mastectomy with sailin implants in 2006. Complications and infections followed. right implant removed... READ MORE

Can fat grafting to breasts after double mastectomy promote the regrowth of residual breast tissue and breast cancer?

I have heard that (the stem cells from?) fat grafting to breasts (that have had double mastectomies) can actually promote the re-growth of any residue... READ MORE

2 days post-op. Is this the beginning of necrosis? (Photo)

Drinking tons of water, deep breathing exercises, walking easily around the pool and taking concentrated Vitamin C. Is there anything else I can do to... READ MORE

I'm 5'7" and I Weigh 180 Lbs. I Had a D Cup Before my Double Mastectomy. How Many Cc's Will I Need to Be That Size?

I have tissue expanders in now. I'd like to be as close to my natural size as possible. READ MORE

Nipple reconstruction/fat grafting after double mastectomy, and implant reconstruction. Is it painful?

How long is this surgery? What kind of anesthesia is used when both procedures are done at the same time? Is the recovery painful? Lengthy? Thank you. READ MORE

Unhappy w/Mentor 330 cc's med height mod plus implants after double mastectomy. Too flat! (Photo)

My expanders looked odd when naked but good with clothes on.i wanted that same fullness and size, but more natural looking. Dr put in anatomical... READ MORE

Is flex deformity normal? (Photo)

I had reconstruction 6 months after my double mastectomy. There is a horrible flex deformity on my left breast. I was told it was normal and that... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have White Meat After Free Nipple Graft? (photo)

Some white meat in areola. I am almost 2 weeks post-op. Had a double mastectomy with free nipple grafts. Mostly pink skin and not healed yet. Both... READ MORE

Success rate of fat grafting to correct capsular contracture after Breast Reconstruction? Is this a bad boob job? (photo)

I had breast cancer, a double mastectomy, chemo, and radiation on my right breast. This July I had 800 cc silicone implants. Now, only a month later,... READ MORE

Does the Addition of Alloderm Make Reconstruction Less Painful?

I am having a tough time with the expanders...Ive tried OTC meds, physio etc. I feel extremely tight and uncomfortable. I have expanders in after a... READ MORE

Following a double mastectomy, and then the tissue expander exchange surgery, found a small painful lump.

I had DCIS in left breast and had a double mastectomy with TE that were replaced in May with silicone. At my checkup, I was told to massage my breast... READ MORE

Are there silicone breast implants available at 1000cc, for reconstruction after double mastectomy?

Due to my measurements I need to have implants of 1000cc. I want silicone and have been told by my DR. that 800cc is the largest available, that I... READ MORE

I had a double mastectomy in Jan 2012, with expanders. Is my Implant Bottoming Out? (photo)

I had a double mastectomy in Jan 2012, with expanders. I had the reconstruction surgery in March. I noticed months later around August that the left... READ MORE

What size breast implant will give me a small D cup after a double mastectomy?

I had delayed Breast Reconstruction surgery 7 weeks ago. I'm 5 foot 7 and 145 pounds. So far I have 500 cc's in my TE's. I would like to get to a... READ MORE

Is wound breaking down? (photos)

I had double mastectomies with immediate reconstruction,strattice and silicon implants 10 weeks ago.5weeks after my op the skin flaps on my right... READ MORE

What type of specialist would I see? No one knows where to refer me (Photo)

I had a prophylatic nipple sparring double mastectomy about 3 months ago. My plastic surgeon.PT and PCP are perplexed. All 3 professionals have no... READ MORE

Why would my plastic surgeon put in 2 diff size implants?? Is the tissue in the left breast gonna die? (photos)

2 weeks ago i had a nipple sparing double masectomy. My sergeon did not do a pre-op appt nor did he discus my options. I didn what to expect when i... READ MORE

I have the BRCA2 gene and implants but need to have a double masectomy. What are my options?

I tested positive for the BRCA2 gene. I currently have implants and I would like to have a double masectomy. Since my muscle is already stretched... READ MORE

Is Sharp Under-breast Pain (Especially in Evenings) Normal 4 Weeks After Double Mastectomy and Expanders Put In?

It feels like I have a metal wire cutting into my ribcage under both breasts. I have been experiencing this pain since the expanders were inserted. I... READ MORE

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