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Pain 3 Months After Implant Exchange Surgery

I had silcone implants placed after bilateral mastectomy. I had a lot of discomfort with expanders but felt I would get relief once final implants... READ MORE

Options for dent/rippling in one breast after nipple sparing bilateral mastectomy with direct to implant reconstruction? (photo)

5 months out from mastectomies & immediate implants w/ Alloderm. IMF incisions. 371g removed on left, 446g removed on right, and 435cc Natrelle... READ MORE

Breast cancer. Reconstruction with tram flap. My stomach has never been the same.

I had breast cancer . Then had a mecsectomy. Last March I had reconstruction with tram flap. My stomach has never been the same. So much disconfort... READ MORE

How can I sleep with chest expanders in? I have developed serious insomnia since my surgery in July.

I had bilateral total mastectomies in July. I only average 4 hours of sleep per night. I wake frequently due to discomfort. I have tried restoril and... READ MORE

Will my allergan 410s soften in my reconstructed breasts? (photo)

Last week I swapped my 600 round silicone implants for the new allergan 410s. I switched for a number of reasons. They look good. They look so natural... READ MORE

Pain in Left Breast After Tuberous Breast Reconstruction?

Hey, I'm glad I found this site and am hoping for some positive feedback. My surgeon was wonderful and really gave my tuberous breasts a natural shape... READ MORE

After two months of having Tram Flap Breast Reconstruction. I have a lot of discomfort. Could I have a hernia?

I think I may have been over doing it a bit. It feels like something pressing against my stomach. If I had a hernia would I know or do you think it's... READ MORE

I think there is something wrong with my breast. Any suggestions?

I had breast surgery back in September 2014. I have had several surgeries following complications since my reconstruction about 4 years ago. My breast... READ MORE

Tightness and discomfort 8 months after implant placement. Could the implants be too large?

I had a double mastectomy with right side latissimus flap (b/c radiation) almost 1 year ago. Implants 480cc. I am 5'4 110#. Prior to the mastectomies,... READ MORE

5 yrs post op, I have sharp pain, burning, & tingling. Any suggestions?

I had breast reconstructive surgery 5 years ago during that time I've had different feelings,I feel my implant shake when it's cold,but lately I've... READ MORE

Is switching from implants to a DIEP procedure an option for me? Will I always be constantly aware of the aliens on my chest? (p

Hello and thank you in advance for your time. I had a bilateral mastectomy non nipple sparing with immediate implant reconstruction on 7/11/14. Since... READ MORE

Unsure how current sub pectoral implants effect reconstruction for Breast Cancer?

I forgot to ask my surgeon. But I had sub pectoral 250 cc implants placed in 2003 as part of mastopec. I now have Invasive Lobular C and pervasive... READ MORE

I have a tissue expander and have considerable discomfort when changing position. Is this normal?

I had a skin sparing mastectomy. This especially occurs when lying on back to sitting or standing and the expander moves. is this discomfort likely to... READ MORE

Is it normal to feel like you have an appendage attached after mastectomy?

It is a constant heaviness & tightness across back & breast.I had physical therapy,massages with minimal relief.I had mastectomy on left... READ MORE

Pain left chest feels almost like a broke rib, it hurts to cough.I have some soft tissue swelling next to my old port site.

I do a lot of push ups. Probably 4-5 week. I had the DIEP procedure 10.5 years ago. Last Monday I felt some discomfort (probably poor technique) after... READ MORE

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