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Young Mastectomy Patient - 800cc. Can I Go Larger?

Double mastectomy: reconstructed with 800cc/high profile/gel/below muscle. Even with such a large implant, it's NOT close to my size before... READ MORE

Not Happy With Size of Breasts After Mastectomy

I Am 46 and Weigh 260. Had Prophylactic Bil. Mast. Done. PS Inserted MX410685. Look Like A's Was DD Prior. Options?  I am feeling... READ MORE

Congenital Symmastia Repair?

I have noticed that my cleavage doesn't lay flat ever since I started developing breasts. As I got older the more it bothered me and now I can't take... READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction Options?

I have been diagnosed with intermediate DCSI. My surgeon has performed a lumpectomy and the margins are not clear. Currently, it is considered 3.5... READ MORE

Reconstruction for a double lumpectomy/no cancer, not covered by insurance?

Had a double lumpectomy 10 days ago. The 2 golf ball sized tumors turned out to be non cancerous. My once DD breasts now have 2 huge dents and little... READ MORE

I Just Had a Bilaterial Mastectomy. DCIS is the Right and my Decision to Remove the Left Breast. I Am 5'8' and 185 Pounds?

I just had a bilaterial mastectomy. DCIS in the right breast and my decision was to remove the left breast also. I am 5'8" and 185 pounds.I'm 51 years... READ MORE

I Was Considering a Breast Reduction/lift. I Heard of a Mesh Lift Where They Create Scar Tissue to Support the Breast?

I remember reading about this mesh lift many years ago but haven't really heard much about it since. I was just wondering if there is any new... READ MORE

I am scheduled for a mastectomy soon, and I am having trouble with implant sizing. May you please make suggestions? (photo)

I used to weigh 400lb and I have lost 157lbs and have been at a stable weigh for 2 years. I am happy with where I am at and I carry my weight very... READ MORE

Is submuscular or subglandular breast implants better for someone who already is a saggy 34DD?

Two doctors told me two different things. One suggested submuscular silicone while the other subglandular saline. I am getting a mastopexy and areola... READ MORE

Breast reconstruction after double mastectomy (skin and nipple saved)? (photos)

Hi, I am a cancer patient and I am having double mastectomy (skin and nipple is saved) and breast reconstruction same time, I want to achieve a 34dd... READ MORE

DCIS - lumpectomy and radiation - breast reconstruction and lift

I was diagnosed with DCIS in the right breast. In May 2015 had a lumpectomy and 33 days of radiation. I have a lump under the skin in the right breast... READ MORE

Can a double DD every be obtained through implants? (photos)

Prior to Cancer I was a 32 DD and I would like return to my normal self after bilat mastectomy. Is that possible? Currently have 750cc silicone... READ MORE

I had a bi-lateral mastectomy on 9/10/14 & I am healing very well. Could you give me an idea if I would possibly achieve a DD?

My nipples were saved and I underwent breast reconstruction directly after my surgery with alloderm tissue expanders. I am 44 yrs old, 5'7" & weigh... READ MORE

Can I get implants to be DD after my mastectomy?

I was diagnosed with Dcis breast cancer and the best way for me to go is to get a lumpectomy and later on a mastectomy. I wanted a lift to keep my... READ MORE

After double mastectomy, what are the best implant based reconstructive options for larger (DD) breasts with some sagging?

Ultimately I would like to end up with perky post mastectomy breasts. I'm fine with smaller size just want the nipple placement to end up in a normal... READ MORE

Breast reconstruction

I am 32 and 32 dd cup but I don't like my big nipples and how my boobs hang . Would like a d cup but firm and with nipples placed higher . Also... READ MORE

If breasts are removed and a small implant inserted, can breast cysts return?

I am currently size DD and found out this past Feb that I SHOULD be lucky to be a double A. I found out that my Double Ds are nothing but large... READ MORE

Is this a normal appearance for 2 wk post expander to implant exchange? Not pleased. (Photo)

Bilat mastectomy for IBC in Jan. Expanders were placed and filled to 240 cc immediately. I had one fill 2 wks later which put me at 300 cc. Expander... READ MORE

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