DCIS + Breast Reconstruction

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Tissue Expanders After Mastectomy?

I had dcis in one breast and a bilateral mastectomy 4 weeks ago. The P.S. has put in about 100 cc of saline so far. I am having lots of pain from the... READ MORE

Fat Necrosis 12 Months Post-op, DCIS Bilateral Mastectomy?

Good day How likely is it for fat necrosis to occur 12 months post op? I had DCIS in left breast, oestrogen +, nodes clean. I opted to have a... READ MORE

Can Fat Grafting Be Safely Performed in DCIS After Lumpectomy and Radiation?

I had DCIS, lumpectomy and rads in 2008. In 2011 I had tissue expanders and exchange after six months of painful expansion. Six weeks later the wound... READ MORE

Breast Lift and Reduction in One Breast and Implant in the Other?

In 2003 I was diagnosed with DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ) of my right breast. I had two lumpectomies done which left my right breast a lot smaller... READ MORE

Should I have breast reconstruction at my age, after mastectomy? I'm 65 years old

I am a 65 year old woman with moderate sized breasts. I am having a mastectomy on right breast due to DCIS, Stage 0. I am considering breast... READ MORE

Reconstruction Options for Very Thin Mantle Radiation (30 Yr Ago) Patient with DCIS?

Now 5'3"/~90 lb. Even when 105 I was a B- at most. Bilateral mastectomy, due to my hx & mother's breast CA, set for 3/6/12. Two... READ MORE

I am undergoing a nipple sparing bilateral mastectomy in 11 days. Are tissue expanders a must?

I have been diagnosed with DCIS and am undergoing a nipple sparing bilateral mastectomy in 11 days. I have been told I can go directly to silicone... READ MORE

Following a double mastectomy, and then the tissue expander exchange surgery, found a small painful lump.

I had DCIS in left breast and had a double mastectomy with TE that were replaced in May with silicone. At my checkup, I was told to massage my breast... READ MORE

Is HRT safe after bilateral mastectomy for estrogen and progesterone receptor positive DCIS?

I just recently had bilateral mastectomy with DIEP flap reconstruction. I had DCIS in both and had to stop HRT at time of diagnosis. I went on HRT 6... READ MORE

DCIS Question Regarding Margins and Recurrence to Scar After Mastectomy?

I had high grade extensive DCIS with paget's breast cancer. I had mastectomy and path report says, "extremely close margins superior. . ." .4 mm).... READ MORE

Could a fat graft feed cancer cells left after DCIS treatment?

Just came from seeing my BS. I asked about fat grafting and she says that she doesnt recommend it with my DCIS as there is reason to believe that it... READ MORE

With DCIS should I delay immediate DIEP FLAP until after surgery pathology report?

After stereoscopic biopsy, I have been diagnosed with DCIS, ER+, up to 5cm in left breast. After MRI, no additional findings in right. BS advised... READ MORE

DCIS - lumpectomy and radiation - breast reconstruction and lift

I was diagnosed with DCIS in the right breast. In May 2015 had a lumpectomy and 33 days of radiation. I have a lump under the skin in the right breast... READ MORE

Is it normal for breast reconstruction with implants to feel very firm and cold to touch still 4 years on?

I had bilateral mastectomy with sub pectoral silicone implants (I believe textured) approx 4 years ago. My skin is thin generally and especially there... READ MORE

Scar tissue and pain. Is it time to replace the implant?

Have had a silicone breast implant in my right breast secondary to DCIS. I've had it 14 years and have several areas of scar tissue between the... READ MORE

Have you carried out this procedure and what success rate is there?

I had DCIS 5 years ago. half my left breast was taken Surgically and the area was radiated. my surgeon would like to lift my nipple, up and in, to... READ MORE

Is there any new technology or procedures that would allow for nerve regrowth after a mastectomy to regain sensitivity and feel?

I had first a bilateral reduction, which found the cancer on the left, and opted for unilateral mastectomy. Had to have a tiny implant for upper... READ MORE

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