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How to Repair Muscle Damage Due to Expander Extrusion Post Double Mastectomy?

2 months post double mastectomy-undergoing expansion-prepping for implant exchange. 3 weeks ago expander pushed through muscle (still under the... READ MORE

Could Chiropractic Work Have Damaged Implants For Breast Reconstruction?

I had many Chiro adjustments about 1 year after my breast reconstruction. I was wondering if the could cause the implants to be damaged? The... READ MORE

I Had Breast Reduction on a Breast That Had Radiation, wont Heal, drains & Smells Bad?

I had breast cancer on the right breast and had it removed (lump ) then lots of radiation which caused the inplant to leak. So they removed the... READ MORE

Leaving tissue expanders in after double mastectomy. Is this normal?

Hi, my plastic surgeon (in Australia) said it's now safe to leave tissue expanders in instead of having the second operation to replace them with... READ MORE

How long does it take before you notice damage done from smoking after DIEP surgery?

I had stopped smoking 2 weeks before stage 1diep surgery and 4 months after but had a relap and smoked for 2 weeks and quit again 2 weeks before 2nd... READ MORE

Can I lift weights?

I have had silicone breast implants behind the muscle, when lifting anything heavy it feels like my boobs are going to burst out of my chest - so... READ MORE

My dr. Is telling me that there is is a deadline of 6 months to take them out. Can the the expanders stay in over 6-9months?

I have Breast tissue expanders. I am going through chemo and radiation.i am aware of the radiation damage. READ MORE

Reconstruction of my chest wall, above breast area. Is there any way to fill in the gap?

I had a mastectomy 11 years ago. I was told by a plastic surgeon that my only option is a Latisimus (sp?) flap reconstruction as my skin is very... READ MORE

Concern about the Effects of Radiation on existing free flap reconstruction after removal of a recurrence in skin.

My concern is the results of RT on the reconstruction and what my options will be to repair the “damage”. There is no “known” cancer in my breast ... READ MORE

I have just completed chemo for breast cancer and will now be having 17 radiation treatments. I currently have implants. Advice?

One of my implants is deformed from radiation that I had a year ago from another bout with breast cancer. Ihave heard there is a limited window that... READ MORE

Are there implant techniques that are less damaging to the muscle?

I am having bilateral mastectomies due to cancer and my doctor says I will loose 40% of function/strength in my pecs. READ MORE

I have continued nerve pain in my left chest. It's so tight and I continue to be in pain every day - 19 months after

Surgery for left breast nerve pain. I'min pain every day and no doctor can help me. I had a radio frequency ablation and it helped but continue to be... READ MORE

Can a breast expander's port get damaged?

I got my expander put in about a month ago and since then I have had some pain around the port and when I put my hand where it is to feel, I can... READ MORE

Had a double mastectomy 1 year ago, is it okay to lift and work hard or will it damage them more?

Hi about a year ago I had double masectomy with lymph nodes taken as well my arm still feels numb and aches I have just started work as a cleaner and... READ MORE

Large gaping wound on right breast. Saw er doc 10 days later sending me to a surgeon ASAP. What should I expect?

Wound is about 5-6 inches long and 2 inches deep so gaping it is about 4 inches wide. I did hit a blood vessel . Since the time and the damage of the... READ MORE

Can I damage my implants if I burn my skin while grilling?

I just grilled for a half hour in front of some extreme heat and my skin is very, very red in front of my implants (Mastectomies). I ran for cold... READ MORE

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