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Double Mastectomy and Breast Implants Cost?

Around how much would a double mastectomy and breast implants cost without insurance?   READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction Cost: $13,000 Fair Price?

I got a quote of 13,000 for implants, a lift and fixing of some scar tissue on my right breast due to two lumpectomy's. I'm going to have both... READ MORE

What is the Cash Cost for a Bilateral DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction?

I had a bilateral mastectomy prophylactically almost 10 years ago. The implants remain fairly soft, but one has 'bottomed out', causing a significant... READ MORE

What is the Typical Surgeon's Fee for Immediate Reconstruction with Tissue Expanders?

I had a bilateral mastectomy with tissue expanders this fall. When I asked my plastic surgeon's office manager how much my out-of-pocket cost... READ MORE

Are Saline Implant Best for Tuberous Breast Correction? What Would the Cost Be?

I'm thinking the saline cost is somewhere around $4700-5200. And Silicone being $6000-6700. I am going to be getting the surgery done for a breast... READ MORE

What can be done about this asymmetry in my breasts? (photo)

The right one is about a cup size smaller and it drives me crazy. Also how much would it cost roughly in your opinion? READ MORE

The cost of double breasts reconstruction treatment without medical insurance in US?

My wife had double mastectomy about 8 months ago after diagnosed with breast cancer, then she went through chemo & radiation therapies until the end... READ MORE

Explanders Deflating. Should I Be Charged Additional?

I 5 weeks ago had explaners put in and they are both deflating ,if you were my doctor would you stand bye your work and fix the problem .or tell me... READ MORE

If You Had Multiple Cysts in Both Breasts, What Would Be the Cost?

I have multiple cysts in both of my breasts. My left breast is 1/2 to a full cup size larger than my right. I worry about it but I'm not sure there is... READ MORE

Confused by Dr's Billing Office?

DIEP done in 2009 following chemo for triple neg breast cancer. Ready to do the revision for scar area on stomach, fix the hollowing on top of breast... READ MORE

Can a plastic surgeon do a simple mastectomy and immediate skin sparing recon and what kind of money would it cost?

I was recently diagnosed with FEA and am high risk for breast cancer. The doctors advise was lets wait and going to be checked every six... READ MORE

How much would reconstruction of my left breast would be? (photos)

I had a breast augmentation and lift and because of poor circulation i lost my left implant and part of my nipple it's been 4 months and i would like... READ MORE

How Much Does Breast Reconstruction Cost? (If You Have Not Had a Mastectomy).

I am hoping to get reconstruction instead of breast implants as I would not want something synthetic in my body. Also, implants eventually need to be... READ MORE

What are my options if I hate my results?

Do most doctors charge full price for a reconstruction if a patient has bad results? Is there insurance available to cover this kind of thing? What... READ MORE

Why should I pay to have this done again? Is this right?

I had a double mastectomy. At the time of my first consult I was told there may need to be a tweak afterwards. He showed me a picture of what I would... READ MORE

How can I find the right doctor to help me with removal of my breasts?

I would like to know how much it will be to do can u please help me with my problem READ MORE

Case study! breast reconstruction. (Photos)

Hi I have posted my case before and had some good feedback . Now that I have removed my breast implants I would like some advise from top doctor that... READ MORE

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