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Will I Be Able to Lift Weights After Reconstruction with Implants?

I currently lift weights and play the violin and am worried about the alteration of the pectoral muscle involved in placing the implants. I am 4 yrs... READ MORE

Can I Have Any Other Form of Reconstructive Surgery Following a Failed DIEP Flap?

I'm in my early 40's, I had a DIEP flap reconstruction and it failed due to a blood clot & veinous bleed & having complications and... READ MORE

Chest Exercise After Reconstruction?

I've found a lot of information on this site about how it's ok to do upper body exercise with under-the-muscle breast implants, you'll... READ MORE

Can Filling Tissue Expanders Too Quickly Cause a Wound to Appear That Looks Like a Burn? (photo)

I was 2 months post op from a double mastectomy. All was going well and I was scheduled to have my implants but in within the next month. However a... READ MORE

Is It Common To Have So Many Problems With Breast Reconstruction Or Is It Just A Fluke?

I have had 5 operations on my left side and I have had a sling put in but it is still wrinkled and awful looking. The right side I had an accident... READ MORE

Normal or complication that needs attention? Hard painful large lump, burning and swelling 5 weeks after DIEP FLAP.

Five weeks ago I had the DIEP Flap procedure. I had a second surgery to repair a partial flap failure days after the 1st surgery. Where I had the... READ MORE

New Complications Post Bilateral Double Mastectomy with Reconstruction

I've just completed 2 wks IV treatment with Pen G for cellulitis (staph a). Now, 5 days later I have a sinus infection and was put on Biaxin... READ MORE

Skin graft to close open wound due to skin necrosis complications from breast reconstruction?

What is the outcome/possibility of having a skin graft on an open 1.5" open wound left from necrotized skin? The complication was resulted from... READ MORE

Best choice w/ least complication for PBMx w/ reconstruction ? ( 410 or smooth round) (photos)

I'm 47, 5'4 ,105-110lbs, rib cage(26.5" around) ,32 b/c bra . This for prophylactic mast, which is best aesthetic outcome with least complications... READ MORE

6 Hours After Bilateral Mastectomy, Went Back Due to Left Expander Rupture?

I Had Bilateral Mastectomy on July 30 2012. Roughly 6 Hrs After Surgery I Was Taken Back in Due To left expander rupturing....I have had major... READ MORE

Back to TE's after exchange surgery? Am I possibly bringing lots of complications or less favorable results upon myself?

History; Cancer, mastectomy, chemo, no rads. A year later, surgery with TE placement. Half way through it, prophylactic on other side with TE. My PS... READ MORE

I think there is something wrong with my breast. Any suggestions?

I had breast surgery back in September 2014. I have had several surgeries following complications since my reconstruction about 4 years ago. My breast... READ MORE

Breast Reduction recovery time and limitations

Hello, I am considering a Breast Reduction from 38H to hopefully a C. I lead a very active lifestyle and my job is very physically demanding. I would... READ MORE

How does the complication rate of direct to implant mastectomy and reconstruction compare to tissue expanders reconstruction?

I have read studies showing direct to implant complication and reiteration rate is much higher but also have read studies that show the complication... READ MORE

Breast reconstruction. What kind of complication is this? What can I do? (Photo)

Hello i have got breast plastical surgery 6 month llooked ok,bur few month ago it changed the told me that it happens and offered... READ MORE

Can I have my diep flap surgery in a different state?

I am considering having my bilateral diep flap surgery in a state that is about a 4 hour flight from my home. Is it feasible to fly home after a few... READ MORE

I have a 6.0 X 6.3 mm. ductal carcinoma in my right breast at 10 o'clock. Any suggestions?

My questions is since this is a small tumor and i will also be having radiation. Could I have the tumor removed and reconstruction and lift at same... READ MORE

I have had radiation on my right breast 20 years ago now. The exterior of my breast looks exactly like the unradiated breast.

My question is are my risk of complications, if I choose reconstructive expanders followed by implants, still high for scarring and not ending with... READ MORE

After breast reconstruction with expanders+implants, when can nipple be reconstructed?

Hi. After breasts reconstruction with expanders+silicone implants, When can nipples be reconstructed from a flag from the created breast? Does it... READ MORE

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