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DIEP After Radiation?

I had a right breast mastectomy, chemo, and radiation for breast cancer that included lymph node involvement. I am considering a DEIP for... READ MORE

Can I Have Plastic Surgery to Fix a Lumpectomy Depression Before Having Radiation?

I had a lumpectomy and re-excision on one breast about 8 weeks ago. I am currently having chemotherapy and am scheduled to begin radiation in April.... READ MORE

Reconstructive surgery with Gummy Bears after bilateral mastectomy (Photo)

Breast cancer - Bilateral mastectomy - Tissue expanders - Chemo - Radiation only on the right breast.Reconstructive surgery will be 10 months after... READ MORE

Diep Flap Surgery 4 Weeks Post Op - 6 Months of Chemo. Incision Opened Up?

I am packing my incision twice a day (3 inches long and 1/2 inch deep. How long do these take to heal? Can I shower with this open incision? I keep it... READ MORE

Is a 32A to a 32C/D Unreasonable for a Bilateral Mastectomy Patient?

I am 5'3, 98 pounds, large 32A. Finishing chemo in 1mo and am debating radiation vs. bilateral mast. I have had a consult with a PS who highly... READ MORE

I Am Considering Breast Reconstruction Using a Spectrum Implant/expander- What Result Can I Expect?

I had a tissue-sparing mastectomy in April. I had chemo but no radiation. I am a 38B. Is a Spectrum implant/expander reliable and produce a positive... READ MORE

My right breast is higher than the left and no capsular contraction? (photo)

I am having revision surgery and want to know my options? I had BC in 08/12, followed with a BM and expanders. I had chemo and herceptin treatments.... READ MORE

What would be the recommended method of Breast Reconstruction for a patient who received radiation?

I had of chemotherapy followed by a mastectomy, axcillary lymph node dissection, and insertion of a tissue expander under the muscle. The pathology... READ MORE

I opted to have a bilateral prophelactic mastectomy after a lumpectomy on right breast. Also had chemo and radiation (Photo)

As you can see I still have breast skin and nibbles but they have put implants under pec which looks terrible causing horrible puckering is it... READ MORE

Should or Can I Get Pregnant After Chemo and Bilateral Tram Flap Surgery?

Should or Can I Get Pregnant After Chemo and Bilateral Tram Flap Surgery? READ MORE

How do I find a plastic surgeon that does pro bono work?

Last year i was diagnosed with breast cancer. I did not want to lose my breast so i had a lumpectomy. once inside my surgeon had to take out more than... READ MORE

How successful/comfortable are implants after radiation? Have radiation fibrosis, tx'd with Hyperbaric O2. Chest tight. Had AFG

AFG 5 times, almost a B cup now. Is too high on my chest & cupsize too small compared to R breast Had a left tissue sparing July 2012, then... READ MORE

The cost of double breasts reconstruction treatment without medical insurance in US?

My wife had double mastectomy about 8 months ago after diagnosed with breast cancer, then she went through chemo & radiation therapies until the end... READ MORE

Bi-lateral Mastectomy After BC, Chemo but No Raditiation & I Am Having Reconstruction with Implants?

I was told by someone who had this surgery that the process of the reconstruction w/implants would pull up or tighten skin of my upper abs a little is... READ MORE

How do I relieve the chest tightness felt post bilateral mastectomy with tissue expanders placed at the time of surgery?

Two weeks ago I had a bilateral Mastectomy with bilateral tissue expanders placed to start the reconstruction process. I am on antibiotics. My chest... READ MORE

Bilateral W TE,chem, Radiaition. Was 40C Now Want B's but PS Want to Use 500cc for Implant. Why?

Why would she want to use 500cc when they look and feel so big to me. I am 60 years old and don't need to look perky. I am not sure I even want to... READ MORE

Should my breasts look so bad after having an expander in and replacement implant? 10 days post op. (photos)

I had left side mastectomy 4 years ago followed by chemo radio. An expander was put in think 500ml left for 8 months. Had an implant put in one week... READ MORE

Size of Implants. Had Chemo and Bilateral Mastectomy and Radiation?

I had Chemo, a bilateral mastectomy in Feb 2012 (and radiation). After my surgery, Dr said that I could only be a B cup from a 38 C. When i was hoping... READ MORE

When can reconstruction begin after bilateral mastectomy, chemo and radiation?

I am a 29 year old breast cancer patient. Triple negative, stage 2, grade 3. Underwent bilateral mastectomy in 09/14 and 2 out of 5 lymph nodes had... READ MORE

What Size of Cc Should I Be Looking at?

I am 5'9", 230 lbs, with a bilateral mastectomy. I had radical chemotherapy and radiation. I am concerned about how much my right breast will stretch... READ MORE

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