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Can Filling Tissue Expanders Too Quickly Cause a Wound to Appear That Looks Like a Burn? (photo)

I was 2 months post op from a double mastectomy. All was going well and I was scheduled to have my implants but in within the next month. However a... READ MORE

Why Did I Have a Bad Reaction to Silicone- I've Heard There Are No Silicone Allergies?

BRCA 2 positive,Profolatic Double Mastectomy, bad reaction to expanders of brest reconstruction waited 6 months then tried again,reconstruction with... READ MORE

I Had Double Tram Flap and Now I Have a Blister on my Left Breast Where I Had the Tissue Flap? (photo)

4 months Post Op. Any input would be great, no rads no heating pads , zero sun.. cancer was in right breast 8years ago . I was stage 3 her2 nu.. I... READ MORE

Staph Infection Following Tissue Expander and Implants. Could I Have Prevented This?

I had tissue expanders due to cancer, implants were put in on 11/22, got staph on 12/12, left implant removed wed after xmas. Ur saying staph... READ MORE

Post DIEP Bulge and Charlie Horse- What's The Cause?

I am 11 mos. post DIEP and 4 wks post stage 2 (a little lipo done on abdomen) and have had a random cramp on lower rt side for last 9 mos. and slight... READ MORE

Fluid Around my Breast Implants Reoccur?

I had reconstruction surgery on 1/5/2011 and the expanders replaced on 08/2011 with 850 silicone implants. Around december I had fluid around the let... READ MORE

I Have Had Implants For 2 years After Expanders, and Now Experiencing Pain. Why?

Now i got my inplants after 2yrs right breast is hurting could of i hurtt i from lifting weights READ MORE

What should I do?

I had a double mastectomy a week and a half ago. I had a lymph node removed from my right side. I had two drains on each side. One of the drains on my... READ MORE

Second time asking a doctor. Is my implant being rejected by my body, do I need it taken out?

3/2012 Dbl Mastectomy Cancer with reconstruction 11/2012 36 C Natrelle implants done after expanders 10/13 2.5 X4 P'eau D'orange, skin thickening... READ MORE

I have breast cancer then had implants. I have tightness and pain in my breast. Any suggestions?

I have severe muscle spasms in my breast is their anything I can do to relieve the pain and tightness caused from the implants READ MORE

Why do my implants cause pain?

I had a double mastectomy with reconstruction (750CC silicone implants) done on 08/11. They always feel kind of heavy and I have to wear a sports bra... READ MORE

What is the huge blister that appeared over night on left reconstructed breast 3 yrs after last surgery? (Photo)

A blister 2in by 3 in appeared over night on the skin not flap. No heat, sun etc. Had preventative double masectomy and reconstruction in 1999.... READ MORE

What is the Possible Cause of the Pains?

I've been having sharp pains in my left breast for 1 year now and i noticed its not premenstrual. i had never done any surgery on my breast. im afraid... READ MORE

What is this? (Photo)

I had this sort of bubble during my expanders. My surgeon said he would fix it when he put in my implants. He did not do anything about it and never... READ MORE

Breast Implant- Double Mastectomy. What is causing my implant to move and change shape?

2 years ago I had preventive breast mastectomy with implants done. Recently I have noticed my right breast implant is moving and changes shape. I want... READ MORE

Can elevated prolactin levels be caused by breast reconstruction?

Just diagnosed with elevated prolactin levels. Having irregular periods and spotting. I had bmx, tissue expander to implant reconstruction in... READ MORE

Wondering what is causing this long red mark from where boob lays after double mastectomy & reconstruction just started? (photo)

Had reconstruction surgery February 20th having pain and redness long line where my breast Right side usually lays but not from bra as bra doesn't... READ MORE

What is causing the pain when I lay on my back of my side?

I had double masctemony in March. Due to the skin dying, I had a latissimus dorsi flap surgery 3 days later. Now, I am still so uncomfortable when I... READ MORE

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