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What is a Typical Timeframe To Keep in Tissue Expanders After Final Fill?

How long should tissue expander stay after final fill? I had my last fill on Feb 15 and now 370cc,I feel that my PS is in a hurry for the... READ MORE

Is Scar Tissue Removal Possible After Breast Implant Reconstruction and Radiation?

Last year I had a mastectomy due to multiple malignant phyllodes tumors. Immediate implant reconstruction surgery took place. I underwent 31 days of... READ MORE

Post breast Cancer Mastectomy I have developed capsular contracture. Do you recommend capsulotomy or capsulectomy?

I have developed capsular contracture post bilateral prophylactic mastectomy eight months ago with reconstruction and saline implant (under pectoral... READ MORE

Can I Massage my Breast Implants with a Seroma in It to Prevent Another Cc? (photo)

Had reconstruction surgery 9 days ago. I have a seroma in my left breast which i just had a capsulectomy on (implant was removed 3 months ago due to... READ MORE

Allergan Style 410 or Mentor CPG Versus Free Flap Reconstruction?

I had bilateral breast reconstruction w/ saline implants almost 17 years ago. The implants lasted 13 and 15 years, and deflated due to capsular... READ MORE

How Will my Right Breast Capsular Contracture After Reconstruction Be Surgically Corrected? (photo)

I want more aesthetic results with the left too. In my previous questions I am getting responses on how I should be happy with my reconstruction... READ MORE

Success rate of fat grafting to correct capsular contracture after Breast Reconstruction? Is this a bad boob job? (photo)

I had breast cancer, a double mastectomy, chemo, and radiation on my right breast. This July I had 800 cc silicone implants. Now, only a month later,... READ MORE

Double Mastectomy 4 Years Ago Followed By Implants, Two Fat Transfers, Capsular Contraction?

I had a double mastectomy four years ago followed by implants. I have had two fat transfer and all of the sudden three moths later have tenderness and... READ MORE

Had a mastectomy with immediate Implant & Strattice. Can I go bigger in time? (photos)

2 wks ago I had mastectomy immediate implant & strattice. Im feeling v tight as he put in largest implant he could. I have got to have radiotherapy &... READ MORE

Can Seroma and capsular contracture be corrected with breast revision or reconstruction if implant is removed?

About 6 weeks after my tissue expander exchange with gel implants I developed a second mound beneath my breast. The mound developed a small round... READ MORE

Typical Recovery for Be-lateral Mastectomy with Reconstruction?

What is the typical post-op for a bi-lateral prpphylactic mastectomy and possibe capsular contracture along with it. i don't know if i have cc or... READ MORE

I had a preventive double mast 11 years ago, my saline implants were very firm and well rounded. Why do I have pain?

In the last 2 weeks, I have started to have pain, see visible changes. Implants have movement to the side, not up & done. my L breast seems to have a... READ MORE

Had Implants for 10 yrs, then stage 1 breast cancer, lumpectomy, and radiation. Now I have capsular contracture. Any suggestion?

After having implants for 10 years, in January of this year I had a lumpectomy followed by radiation. 5 months later, capsular contracture. The... READ MORE

Should I get a second opinion for my Breast Reconstruction/Revision surgery? (photos)

2011 triple neg on my left breast, BRCA1, chemo and bi-lateral mastectomy with radiatin to the left chest wall. Waited a year and began reconstruction... READ MORE

How does alloderm help reduce capsular occurrence ?

I have alloderm in place to form the pocket for my tissue expanders but i read doctors comments saying they use it additionally to reduce risk of... READ MORE

Is it safe to have Radiotherapy 3-4 weeks after a Mastectomy with immediate Implants & Strattice Mesh?

I had my mastectomy with immediate silicone implants & strattice mesh exactly 2wks ago today. I have been told I need 3 wks of radiotherapy. Planning... READ MORE

Pectoral Muscle Removed, Normal?!

Last Aug I had breast reconstruction. After 8 weeks I developed a grade 3 capsule that was infected. I had the implant removed and a capsulectomy done... READ MORE

Can my breast be made to look symmetrical again without the dimples and rippling? (photos)

In 2092 I had a bilateral subconscious mastectomy with immediate reconstruction using saline implants then I ended up with capsular contraction and... READ MORE

Breast reconstruction: Do I have cellulitis or something else? (photos)

I had a double mastectomies in september with expanders at 300 cc each. The drains were removed 3 weaks later, then a day or 2 after I develpoed... READ MORE

Recommendation on Boston plastic surgeon specializing in revisional surgery? Should implants be placed under muscles?

I am 7 months post op from a nipple sparing bi lateral mastectomy due to diagnosis of stage 1 breast cancer. I have 375 cc mentor Memory gel implants.... READ MORE

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