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If I Remove my Fibroadenoma Could Breast Reconstruction Help?

I am a 27 year old female. I had an ultrasound guided biopsy done in 2007 which confirmed I had a 3cm fibroadenoma. Last week, I had an ultrasound and... READ MORE

Can I Have Any Other Form of Reconstructive Surgery Following a Failed DIEP Flap?

I'm in my early 40's, I had a DIEP flap reconstruction and it failed due to a blood clot & veinous bleed & having complications and... READ MORE

Breast Implants After Double Mastectomy and No Fat Tissue?

I've had a double mastectomy and my breast are mounds. I'm thinking of having breast implants. All that flap and my own tissue was junk, I have no fat... READ MORE

I Had a Breast Reduction in March. My Right Breast Developed Necrosis

I have lost nipple, areola, and breast volume through debridement. The wound is still being packed twice a week but end of tunnel is in sight. Despite... READ MORE

Is Fat Grafting The Right Choice For My Breast Reconstruction?

On Sept 28 2011 I had a DIEP Flap procedure performed. I had a bi-lateral Mastectomy due to breast cancer. Underwent Chemo and Radiation. After the... READ MORE

Are Behind the Pectoral Muscle Breast Implants Ok After Lumpectomy, with or Without Radiation?

I've been recently diagnosed with Stage 1 DCIS, and going to undergo lumpectomy. Dr. doesn't think radiation will be necessary. Can I still have... READ MORE

How did you go about deciding to have breast reconstruction after mastectomy?

How did you go about deciding to have breast reconstruction after mastectomy? READ MORE

Fat used in Breast Reconstruction?

Where does the fat come from when used in breast reconstruction surgery? Is everyone a candidate for this? READ MORE

Atrial Fibrillation and Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

I am 28 year old female with a history of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. I have had 3 episodes within a year and a half. All were treated medically.... READ MORE

What's the Best Option for Poland's Syndrome if You Have Scoliosis As Well?

I've always had breast asymmetry; but, I believe it's Poland's Syndrome. I have what appears to be a missing pectoralis & loss of my anterior... READ MORE

Can the "Capsule Switch Procedure" Be Used in Reconstruction for Capsular Contracture?

I had lumpectomy and radiation 18 months prior to my mastectomy. I currently have tissue expanders w/alloderm and am doing well, but am concerned... READ MORE

I had a DIEP flap (breast reconstruction) w/out lipo. No lipo option. The hip fat is much more visual & has added inches (Photo)

Since my surgeries I have had a very difficult time reducing these "love handles". Because of the large DIEP flap incision, doing the normal ab... READ MORE

I Smoke Cigs. Can We Still Do Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

I had my right breast removed with 17 lymph nodes. in nov. 2010. I have been finished with all cancer treatments for six months I smoke cigs. and was... READ MORE

I Am a 55 Yrs Old. Double Mastectomy with Radiation on Left Side.

Some residual soft skin on left. Height 177cm. Weight 115kg. Had not want a flap procedure. can expansion be considered? thank you READ MORE

Chance of State Insurance Covering Reconstruction After Masectomy?

I had a partial masectomy from a large lump that was in my breast. I did not need any further treatment afterward. It was diagnosed as an infected... READ MORE

SLE and Autological Fat Transference

I have SLE and have undergone a failed DIEP flap surgery. I am considering tological fat transference to fill out the upper chest area as I do not... READ MORE

Being a Renal Transplant Patient, Could I Be a Candidate for a Pedicled Tram Flap?

Being a Renal Transplant Patient, Could I Be a Candidate for a Pedicled Tram Flap? READ MORE

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