Cancer + Breast Reconstruction

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I Had Breast Reduction on a Breast That Had Radiation, wont Heal, drains & Smells Bad?

I had breast cancer on the right breast and had it removed (lump ) then lots of radiation which caused the inplant to leak. So they removed the... READ MORE

Impact of Prior Breast Reduction on Cancer-related Mastectomy with Immediate Reconstruction?

I am one of the few whose breast reduction pathology found DCIS-grade 3 comedo+necro ER+ HER+ in rt breast (no assessable margins). Considering... READ MORE

If I Get Breast Tissue Removed As a Cancer Preventative and then Augmentation How Will That Look?

I'm a 29 year old female who is extremely high risk for breast cancer. i.e mother and grandmother died of it at young ages. My doctor is recommending... READ MORE

How Will Past Radiation and the Number of Cc's Injected in TE Affect the Decision for the Size of Permanent Implants?

My tissue expanders are now at 450 cc's (radiated 18 yrs. ago) and 550 cc's on the non-radiated side. This is my 2nd occurrence of early breast cancer... READ MORE

I have multiple cyst in my breast. What is the risk of them becoming cancerous?

I have 1cyst, 1 nodule, 1 complex, 1 septated cyst in the right breast. I have very small breast. I would like to know if I can remove them all at one... READ MORE

Can I remove my breast tissue and replace it with implants because I'm a very high risk for breast cancer?

My remove breast tissue and put implants because I'm high risk for breast cancer? READ MORE

How soon after chemotherapy can I do my final implants?

I had a mascectomy and reconstruction in November. I ended up with ovarian cancer in December and since have been undergoing chemo and doing the... READ MORE

Can a double DD every be obtained through implants? (photos)

Prior to Cancer I was a 32 DD and I would like return to my normal self after bilat mastectomy. Is that possible? Currently have 750cc silicone... READ MORE

9 yr post cancer breast small & hard (partial mastectomy, chemo, radiation). Ok to remove scar mass & lift; reduce other breast?

Scar mass on upper rt. pole significant. W/ weight gain, left breast grew & sagged 1 cup difference. After weight loss, I want a lift on post-cancer... READ MORE

Cancer breast augmentation vs lymphedema breast augmentation?

Removal of damaged vessals...node transfers interrupted...inflamation...injury...all risky whats different or tpes of test are needed as a... READ MORE

Does Medicare cover breast reconstruction for a partial mastectomy?

I was given no information so I consulted with my surgeon who recommended breast conserving surgery over a mastectomy. My right cancerous breast was... READ MORE

Could this be my body rejecting or a lyphodema of the breast? (photo)

1/2012 Cancer 3/2012 Dble Mastectomy 11/2012 Implants 10/13 Peud Orange fluid with ultrasound 12/13 severes swelling stabbing pain redness 1/14 MRI... READ MORE

Can I remove my breasts and get implants before cancer?

Famiky history of cancer mainly in breast. I breast fed for a month since then my breast seems to have gotten smaller than already are READ MORE

What does all this mean? No antibiotic? How does this affect my aggressive cancer level? (Photo)

I had a modified radical mastectomy no expanders or augmentation for stage 2 her2+ cancer on right breast. 3 wks since surgery and dr removed... READ MORE

Is there any new technology or procedures that would allow for nerve regrowth after a mastectomy to regain sensitivity and feel?

I had first a bilateral reduction, which found the cancer on the left, and opted for unilateral mastectomy. Had to have a tiny implant for upper... READ MORE

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