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Post DIEP Bulge and Charlie Horse- What's The Cause?

I am 11 mos. post DIEP and 4 wks post stage 2 (a little lipo done on abdomen) and have had a random cramp on lower rt side for last 9 mos. and slight... READ MORE

Is this bulge normal 3 months after diep flap? (Photo)

This bulge is making me upset as I expected to have a flat belly after diep flap. At my 6 week postop the surgeon said it's swelling. Now I am 3... READ MORE

Will the scar stretch or relax so that my abdomen above and below the incision line is flat?

I had a delayed diep flap procedure for left breast reconstructive surgery 2 months ago. The abdominal scar is about a half inch above my pubic hair... READ MORE

If there has been denervation of the nerve during during diep flap, resulting in a bulge, can this bulge be repaired post op?

Bilat. proph. mastectomy 12 weeks post op. M/s free tram reonstruction done on left side, diep flap on rt. side. Inlay mesh used on free tram side and... READ MORE

Abdominal bulge 5 weeks post reconstruction (diep flap on 1 dise, m/s free tram on the other. Bulge enlarges as day goes on

I am 5.5 weeks post diep flap (prophylactic for BRCA). M/S free tram had to be done on 1 side; diep flap done on the other side. When I wake up in the... READ MORE

Best option for correction of lopsided abdominal bulge after DIEP flap caused by weakening of fascia? (Photos)

I am attaching pictures to go along with a previous question about surgical correction of abdominal bulge after DIEP Flap. Pictures are not very clear... READ MORE

I had DIEP flap reconstruction, now with bulge called eventration? Is this a fancy word for bulge? Will insurance cover repair?

I have a bulge s/p diep flap. I will see another PS who has an interest in abd. repair. He was nice enough to email me back and said he sometimes sees... READ MORE

What is the best way to repair weakened fascia after DIEP Flap?

I had DIEP Flap in 2015 and have developed a noticeable bulge in my lower left abdomen. It is not painful but is very uncomfortable and has... READ MORE

Is it normal for reconstructed breasts with implants to feel rippled and bulging on the underside?

My breasts have dropped down and off to the sides a bit as they are settling leaving a lot of empty space between my breasts. They look unnatural to... READ MORE

I had DIEP flap surgery a year ago and a bulge along my incision line that swells

I have had a CT and not a hernia but they did not scar tissue from prior surgeries. Lymphdema massage and compression is not solving the problem and... READ MORE

Slight abdominal bulge below the navel after DIEP flap. Does this go away?

I had bilat. prophylactic mastectomy nearly 3 weeks ago. On one said PS did m/s free tram. On the other side he was able to do DIEP. I have a slight... READ MORE

5 mos post DIEP flap on rt side. M/S free tram on left (inlay mesh used on lt side). Now with bulge rt side. Can mesh fix issue?

The pic with larger bulge is the diep flap side. The smaller bulge is fine and they put mesh there. No complaints with left side. Rt side is much... READ MORE

What can I most likely expect my Breast reconstruction outcome to look like at this point? (Photos)

I am 1 month post direct 2 breast implants from tissue expanders. I understand I need time 2 heal however my "breasts" look ridiculous in my opinion.... READ MORE

10 days post bmx with immediate direct to implant. I have considerable asymmetry - is this normal? (photos)

I had cancer in both breasts, but had axillary node clearance on the right. The right implant sits higher than the left, and has a concave shape... READ MORE

Can seroma cause abdominal bulge and tightness. How much fluid is in a seroma that is 110 mm by 67 mm

It's now been 18 months, I've seen 3 doctors who assumed it was a weakened fascia. Finally, a doctor order a CT scan. The results show a "disc like... READ MORE

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