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Double Mastectomy and Breast Implants Cost?

Around how much would a double mastectomy and breast implants cost without insurance?   READ MORE

How Long Until I Feel Better After Cellulitis on Breast?

I have been in pain since Wed. Today is Sat. How long before I will be feeling better. The redness has went down a bit but,,, I have pain even up my... READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction Expanders Removal and Replacement?

How long are Breast reconstruction expanders left in after the last fill? I had my expanders removed and replaced at approximately 6 weeks. From what... READ MORE

Implants Too Small After Breast Reconstruction Surgery

I just recently had my expanders exchanged for silicone. I finished my Chemo laster year. My PS put in 450cc. I looked at my chest and they do not... READ MORE

D Cup Possible After Breast Reconstruction with Expanders?

I've been diagnosed with multifocal, high grade DCIS which requires a mastectomy. I have always been very busty (34DD at age 15 and 34F now). Is it... READ MORE

Insurance Coverage and Cost for Breast Implant Replacement?

Would it be feasible to have new implants? What would be a ballpark cost figure to do this? And would Medicare and my supplemental insurance (which is... READ MORE

Is It Dangerous to Leave the Tissue Expander In?

I currently have 1 tissue expander that has to be removed. It is not inflated and is damaged. The other one was done already. I have decided not to... READ MORE

What Are the Benefits of Reconstruction for Tuberous Breasts?

I am Native American and have Tribal Health Insurance. I am trying to put together information about having my Tuberous Breast Deformity corrected. I... READ MORE

Not Happy With Size of Breasts After Mastectomy

I Am 46 and Weigh 260. Had Prophylactic Bil. Mast. Done. PS Inserted MX410685. Look Like A's Was DD Prior. Options?  I am feeling... READ MORE

Implant Fall After Breast Reconstruction

My sister had implants after her reconstruction and one failed to stay up and dropped. I was wondering, what made the breast fall after expanders and... READ MORE

Discoloration on Breast After Reconstruction

I had a bilateral 2001 did not have reconstruction until 2006 have had a few surgeries . recently had a rupture in one breast aand a scar revision on... READ MORE

Breast Removal and Reconstruction when Fibroid Cysts?

For the past 10 years have been dealing with large multiple fibroid cysts. We have a history of breast cancer in the family. I have had asperated in... READ MORE

Are Reconstructed Nipples Always Hard?

When a nipple is reconstructed after mastectomy, will it always have the hard look? Ie, will they always look like they're "nippin'... READ MORE

Options for Breast Reconstruction After an Infection?

I had a bilateral mastectomy done, and I had breast implants placed in both breast. I had expanders put in, and had radiation along with a boost. This... READ MORE

Complications of Replacing Breast Implants with Smaller Size?

I have had a Mastectomy with two stage Breast reconstruction. The 585cc gel Breast implant feels too big for me and I want it changed to 495cc's.... READ MORE

Can Alloderm Be Used After Expanders Are Placed for Breast Reconstruction?

I am having breast reconstruction surgery in April. I presently have expanders bilat. The pain I am experiencing EVERY morning is located 180 degree... READ MORE

26 Year Old Wants Natural Looking Breasts After Mastectomy?

What are the best breast reconstruction methods, for a natural look and reduced visibility of scar tissue? The final appearance of the reconstruction... READ MORE

Is It Best to Have Reconstruction Right After a Mastectomy or Delay It a While?

Paitent in their second battle with breast cancer and didn't have a full mastectomy the first time and have been left with a significant amout of scar... READ MORE

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