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Double Mastectomy and Breast Implants Cost?

Around how much would a double mastectomy and breast implants cost without insurance?   READ MORE

How Long Until I Feel Better After Cellulitis on Breast?

I have been in pain since Wed. Today is Sat. How long before I will be feeling better. The redness has went down a bit but,,, I have pain even up my... READ MORE

Back of Arm and Armpit Complete Numbness After Bilateral Mastectomy

I had a double mastectomy on 4/30 & on my left side had 11 nodes removed. On that side the backside of my arm and armpit are completely numb. I... READ MORE

D Cup Possible After Breast Reconstruction with Expanders?

I've been diagnosed with multifocal, high grade DCIS which requires a mastectomy. I have always been very busty (34DD at age 15 and 34F now). Is it... READ MORE

Implants Too Small After Breast Reconstruction Surgery

I just recently had my expanders exchanged for silicone. I finished my Chemo laster year. My PS put in 450cc. I looked at my chest and they do not... READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction Expanders Removal and Replacement?

How long are Breast reconstruction expanders left in after the last fill? I had my expanders removed and replaced at approximately 6 weeks. From what... READ MORE

Insurance Coverage and Cost for Breast Implant Replacement?

Would it be feasible to have new implants? What would be a ballpark cost figure to do this? And would Medicare and my supplemental insurance (which is... READ MORE

What Are the Benefits of Reconstruction for Tuberous Breasts?

I am Native American and have Tribal Health Insurance. I am trying to put together information about having my Tuberous Breast Deformity corrected. I... READ MORE

Is It Dangerous to Leave the Tissue Expander In?

I currently have 1 tissue expander that has to be removed. It is not inflated and is damaged. The other one was done already. I have decided not to... READ MORE

Not Happy With Size of Breasts After Mastectomy

I Am 46 and Weigh 260. Had Prophylactic Bil. Mast. Done. PS Inserted MX410685. Look Like A's Was DD Prior. Options?  I am feeling... READ MORE

Breast Removal and Reconstruction when Fibroid Cysts?

For the past 10 years have been dealing with large multiple fibroid cysts. We have a history of breast cancer in the family. I have had asperated in... READ MORE

Implant Fall After Breast Reconstruction

My sister had implants after her reconstruction and one failed to stay up and dropped. I was wondering, what made the breast fall after expanders and... READ MORE

Are Reconstructed Nipples Always Hard?

When a nipple is reconstructed after mastectomy, will it always have the hard look? Ie, will they always look like they're "nippin'... READ MORE

Discoloration on Breast After Reconstruction

I had a bilateral 2001 did not have reconstruction until 2006 have had a few surgeries . recently had a rupture in one breast aand a scar revision on... READ MORE

Options for Breast Reconstruction After an Infection?

I had a bilateral mastectomy done, and I had breast implants placed in both breast. I had expanders put in, and had radiation along with a boost. This... READ MORE

Complications of Replacing Breast Implants with Smaller Size?

I have had a Mastectomy with two stage Breast reconstruction. The 585cc gel Breast implant feels too big for me and I want it changed to 495cc's.... READ MORE

Can Alloderm Be Used After Expanders Are Placed for Breast Reconstruction?

I am having breast reconstruction surgery in April. I presently have expanders bilat. The pain I am experiencing EVERY morning is located 180 degree... READ MORE

26 Year Old Wants Natural Looking Breasts After Mastectomy?

What are the best breast reconstruction methods, for a natural look and reduced visibility of scar tissue? The final appearance of the reconstruction... READ MORE

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