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Natrelle/Allergan 410 Shaped Vs. Sientra Shaped/Which Implant Is Better For Breast Reconstruction Appearance And Feel?

The Natrelle 410 seems to have a better shape but it is feels more firm than the Sientra. But the Sientra seems to fold and ripple more easily than... READ MORE

Why do I have a line in my boobs?

I had a breast reconstructive surgery and decided to go to a bigger implant. I am pretty thin but have broad shoulders. I went with 700cc and 800cc... READ MORE

Can I remove my breast tissue and replace it with implants because I'm a very high risk for breast cancer?

My remove breast tissue and put implants because I'm high risk for breast cancer? READ MORE

Is Completion mastectomy - further tissue removal? Do I require further investigation?

Had 2 x failed reconstructions following mastectomy. Breast tissue removed 2 yrs after initial mastectomy. No follow up investigations done. Had 2nd... READ MORE

If I Get Breast Tissue Removed As a Cancer Preventative and then Augmentation How Will That Look?

I'm a 29 year old female who is extremely high risk for breast cancer. i.e mother and grandmother died of it at young ages. My doctor is recommending... READ MORE

With no breast tissue, approximately how many cc's implant would be needed for solid C cup on a petite frame?

I had bilateral prophylactic nipple sparing mastectomy reconstruction, now have very large and painful implants. I originally I had D cup, fairly... READ MORE

How long does Alloderm take to fully incorporate into breast tissue after having breast reconstruction after mastectomy?

I need to have another surgery to help even out my breasts. My doctor wants me to wait longer than I want to based on the alloderm and its... READ MORE

How Long Do I Have to Wait for Breast Tissue Expansion on the Opposite Side?

I had an uplift on left side and tissue expansion on right. However now I have to undergo tissue expansion on left side as its even more asemetric.... READ MORE

. Can you use your own breast tissue to re-construct the other breast?

I have giant (34 H) breasts, after a mastectomy, can you take tissue from one breast making that breast smaller and use it to construct the other... READ MORE

Is there a way to tell the weight and volume of a breast from the picture provided? (photos)

My right breast had cancer and it was removed. an implant was put it. right from day 1 i told the surgeon the implant was too big (first 2 pics) but... READ MORE

Needing reconstructive surgery in Missouri.

I'm a 57 year old woman who six months ago weighed 270 and wore a 36B bra. In 7 months my weight went down to 127 and my bra size is now 34AA. I've... READ MORE

I can't bear any pressure or skin contact during breast tissue expansion. I am supposed to wear "compression". What do I do?

I had a BMX a few weeks ago and my first fill last week. I was down to OTC meds prior to the fill, now I have extreme pain. Burning skin made worse... READ MORE

If implants are necessary due to lack of breast tissue and volume, is DIEP or latissimus dorsi flap the best option

S/p left radiation/lumpectomy 2008, gene mutation, planning bilat mx with recon. Definetly need implants due to lack of brst tissue and radiation... READ MORE

Breast reduction with implant?

Im considering a breast reduction . Im currently a 34DD and would like to be a C. I also have a moderate family history of breast cancer. So I have... READ MORE

Edema in remaining breast tissue

Several months ago after what seemed a sucessful mastectomy,I experienced a bleed into the chest wall which was drained during surgery but has left me... READ MORE

What to expect from a skin sparing bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction?

37yts old and I've have tumors removed for the last there years but the keep growing back, my body rejected tamoxifen and I'm in the 4th year of my... READ MORE

What are the actual costs in Northern Ca. and best areas to get them done, with good prices and work? (photos)

I had very old, infected impkants removed 18 months ago, & since my insurance refused to pay for the removal, (despite a long-tern infection,... READ MORE

Can Anti-estrogen medications have a effect on delayed wound healing? Can this medication be affecting my healing process?

After stage 1 reconstruction of radiated breast tissue, I had a incision refusing to heal for 2 months. With the second stage surgery approaching I... READ MORE

Who in the TX Panhandle or Dallas would be best @ removing breast tissue from the nipple for NS-PBM w/ implant reconstruction?

I'm BRCA 1 pos. and will be undergoing PBM. I have some ptosis, but would love to do nipple sparing. How do I find a good surgeon, skilled in removing... READ MORE

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